Viral video shows father singing to his dying son: Should this be a public moment?

  • He Uploaded It

    It was his choice and he wanted to share and remember this moment. He was the one who recorded it and uploaded it so there's nothing wrong with it. I still need twenty more words so I'm just going to write gibberish dog pig giraffe gorilla potato lasagna water juice

  • If he wants it recorded, he can have it recorded.

    As long as he decided to take the video and post it, it is a public moment because he wanted it to be. He wanted to share the mourning and no one is sick enough to post a video of a dying child just for views. Maybe he needed support from his peers and thought it was a good way to get help. We do not know what he wanted out of it, but as long as he made the decision to make it public, it is a public moment.

  • His child: His decision

    Why is it up to the public to decide what a father can and can't do? This is his moment with his DYING son that he should be able to decide what he wants to do with. Just because it went viral doesn't mean he intended for it to. Maybe he wanted his friends and family who are also mourning the loss of his wife, and dying son to see this moment as well? This is a very painful time in this man's life, and this surely is a way to help him cope.

  • If you don't feel comforable watching certain videos, you don't have too.

    In the case of the father who sang, lovingly, and heart-breakingly to his dying son; its a hard call as to whether or not the public should have been allowed to witness it. The reality is this, the father and son did have their moment. The outside public was not in the room; just the camera. It was a beautiful and devastating moment. One that should be shared, so that it could touch and bless others as well. The father decided to share it, if the people want to see it, they may. If it bothers them, no one is forcing your to share the moment.

  • Your wasting your time...

    In most cases, this is something the world should see, but why not just live in the moment? Your child is dying, your wife has died, and the only thing you want to do is make a viral video showing you and your dying son. I think it's rediculous. You are wasting your time on something that should be a memory as opposed to something you can stare at and watch over and over again. It's a private moment.

  • No, a father singing to his dying son should not be a public moment.

    No, a father singing to his dying son should not be a public moment. Society as a whole has lost the concept of what should be public and what should be private. Intimate moments with your family should be special and shared between only those people who have an intimate relationship with you.

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