Virgin SpaceShipTwo fatal crash: Are the risks of space tourism worth the reward, as Richard Branson claims?

  • Space tourism is well worth the risk in the long run.

    So far space tourism is still just past the idea stage. SpaceShipTwo was still in research and development. The potential reward of space tourism is a steady cash flow back into the space industry which will drive down lunch prices to low earth orbit while simultaneously raising reliability. Space tourism still needs time but once ready it will be well worth the risk.

  • No The Risks of Space Tourism Are Not Worth the Reward

    While I do understand the glamour and awe associated with space tourism, I think that at this point it is simply too dangerous. There have been a couple of crashes in the news lately and nobody saw them coming. We need to do more research, build better equipment, run more tests, etc. before we put the idea of space tourism into action. We do not need another tragedy.

  • Space tourism is a risky endevour

    Since man started going to space, there has always been cases of spaceships crashing and in the process killing everyone on board. To begin with, going to space requires a lot of money which could be used to do other productive activities like touring places on earth. Secondly, there is almost nothing to see in space except for rocks and bare forms that have no life. The risks far much outweigh the rewards involved.

  • Is space travel worth the risk, the final frounteer? Yes!

    Space might seem like an impossible goal, but at one time crossing the ocean was an impossible goal. Hard work, perseverance, and dedication lead to better and safer modes of travel. In time, what was once an insurmountable task, became common practice. Keep the dream alive, keep searching for a safer way to get there, and in time, yes we can travel through space.

  • No, the risks of space tourism are not worth the reward.

    No, the risks of space tourism are not worth the reward. The cost for exploring space are too expensive, and that money could be used for much more critical things here on earth. As long as we are unable to properly feed and cloth people, we should not be wasting money on exploring space.

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