Virginity Pledges: Do virginity pledges do more harm than good?

  • Virginity Pledges Are Antiquated.

    Virginity pledges are based on the idea that a woman is valued by her "purity" or "morality." This is textbook sexism and an antiquated idea that has no place in modern society. A woman cannot and should not be valued by how much she has sex. Sex is completely natural act, not strictly for procreation for religious reasons. If they are valued as such, then men should also be judged so, but they are not, which is again clear sexism.

    In addition, if you pledge to only have sex with the person who is "the one," you are essentially agreeing to only have one sexual partner. Ever. This is deleterious for many reasons. The divorce rate is close to 50% of all couples. So "the one" has a 50% of not actually being the one. In addition, you will have no idea what you like or dislime in a person or in a relationship. Experience is necessary to making the right choice of who is "the one." Waiting for the right person to stumble into your life is lucid guessing in regards to actually finding someone compatable.

    Esentially, this idea is silly, sexist, and completely unnecessary in our modern time. If you want to have a virginity pledge, then more power to you, but as a whole virginity pledges lead to more detriment than they do benefit.

  • Yes, Virginity pledges can be detrimental

    Virginity Pledges can prevent the individual from experiencing their own lustful desires. If you were to Pledge your virginity for a certain period of time, then what would happen if you met the person of your dreams. Would you still hold that pledge, or act on your own hearts desires. Virginity Pledges can in fact do more harm then good.

  • The world is what you make it, don't be corrupt and foolish.

    Really if you've met the person that you love the most then you'll stick with them forever or At least death. But my point in saying this is, you need to meet this sort of person otherwise your just sleeping around and you become a moral pygmy. You can say it was all real and honest but you don't actually know the other person's intentions for their life or yours. If you just have sex for fun, then you are devaluing a very important tool in the continuation of human kind. Sure you feel good, but drug addicts do too, what if we made hard drugs legal and more people got addicted? My point is get over your foolish desires and grow up, there aren't enough adults left in this world, your focus should be on your career/work something that is more beneficial if you love to do it. Also choosing a low end job is no counter argument. You can find happiness in skills it just takes an adult to ha e a real skill.

  • Morality should be a Priority

    Morality is something that is often overlooked in this day of age! If young people decide they want to wait till marriage to have sexual intercourse then it should be their choice, I think the world would be a better place if people would just put their clothes on and stop be slutty!

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