Virtually all christians fail to acknowledge animals rights like they used to do with people.

Asked by: steffon66
  • Animals have rights too!

    They dont deserve to be locked up cause they are innocent. Its so cruel to take a bird that can fly around the world and lock it in a tiny box. Clipping a birds wings and putting it in a cage is like cutting off a persons legs and keeping it in a cage. Thinking this is righteous is moral stupidity. Too bad peoples views are based on speculation. Kind of sucks for us who strive to learn right from wrong (what is fair).

  • Think about what a "right" is.

    If you are an Atheist, rights come from government. Government has not given animals any legal rights. If you are a Christian, rights come from God.The Bible does not give animals any rights. Now, before you call me heartless, I do believe we have a responsibility to treat them well. We are commanded to have dominion over, and to take care of, God's creation.
    So no, animals do not have "rights" by any standard.

    Posted by: BenD
  • What? Did you even think before you posted this?

    Where is your surveys, sources, etc to back this up? You just made a generalization saying "Virtually All" Christians, meaning the majority. So I ask again, where do you get your evidence to back this up? How did you come to this conclusion?

    I really dislike Atheist's like you (Or whatever you are) that make these generalizations without back-up. Shame on you. Might as well just leave this website.

  • This is far to general and without any evidence to back it up.

    Maybe you have had a specific experience where you have met a Christian who does not believe in animal rights, but as a Christian myself I think all life is sacred and should be cherished and protected. I am sure that is the case for most modern day Christians. Just do a search on Google and you will find many Christian animal rights groups.

  • Nonsense and you know it.

    Of course there are corrupt Christians in the world who care none for animals, but not virtually all of us, if that were the case, 2 billion people would rot in jail for animal cruelty, and there are not yet enough prisons to hold that many of us.
    Please, think before posting another debate

  • Are you serious?!?

    Hey,I am a Christian and I am starting an supporting programs to fight for just this! Animal rights. Animals are my life. And who are you to come off and say something like this?! More than 30% of the world is Christian,so how can you prove this? Oh wait you can't.

    Posted by: Pq
  • I acknowledge animal rights and I am Christian!

    I am one of the people this statement is talking about and I know many Christians that care about animals and will vote for animal rights if they are given the chance to so the statement is false and I don't get why someone would agree with it. Also the reason we all come together isn't because we all hate animals or something.

  • Not "virtually all."

    I have seen some parts of the Bible that are against animal rights, and that is part of the reason I am Atheist. But I don't think everyone believes this. So no, not all Christians are against animal rights. There are some idiots who do think lives of other animals are worth nothing, some are Christian, some are Atheist, some are Muslim, etc. But I don't believe the entire Christian religion is about torturing other animals.

  • Whoa, that's a sweeping generalisation.

    I'm all for animals rights and don't agree with Christianity either, but to say that virtually all Christians have no respect for animal rights is simply wrong. Now I don't know enough about Christian doctrine to know if they contradict animal rights, but statistically I don't think Christians are against them. Philocat, for example, is a Catholic but has a great deal of respect for animal rights.

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