Virtually all of the time the smarter of two men is the one who knows how stupid he is.

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  • I stand behind my statement and hope you read here to find out that i want you to agree or disagree with the statement.

    You know just incase your one of those special kinds of stupid. I think the term stupid needs a new definition to better suit our morality. My stupid means extremely incompetent due to a lack of adequate intelligence or due to lazy thinking. Lets do the math now. There have been more than a thousand religions by far. If there were only a thousand youd be wrong with religion at least 99.9 percent of the time because they contradict each other and have completely different gods claiming to be the only god as they almost all do. But there are 35,000 denominations of christianity and around that much with others im assuming as they are people too who make the same mistake you most likely make which is believing blindly without evidence instead of observing and analysing. Feeling instead of thinking. Its pathetics. All because it threatened you with a punishment that is literally infinity beyond the punishment you deserve if any. He clearly didnt teach us right from wrong and how much wrong has been done in the name of righteousness? A lot. Its still being done today which is why we fight so much. We always think we have a good reason to fight. Well most of the time we do not. In every conflict at least one side has to be in the wrong and as far as i can see we are all in the wrong most of the time when it comes to the big moral issues. At least most of us are wrong because we dont agree. You may say murder is considered wrong by virtually everybody. Thats not true. Murder is defined differently and uniquely by our societies. A lot of people call capitol punishment murder. A lot of people call abortions murder. Some think both are heroic. And there is every view in between those two opposite ends of the totem poll. Some would call those selfish behaviors while some would call them selfless. All depends on your reasons. But people dont judge the intent. They judge the results. Two murderers can try to kill two people in the exact same way with everything identical including intent which is to kill in both cases and get virtually total defferrent punishments. One can get off with 5 to 15 or so one can you the rest of your life in prison. People actually think they deserve different punishments because of things that were beyond their control (which are the competence of others (whether or not they can defend themselves), or if there is someone there to save them etc. so when you save a person from a murderer you also save the murderer from their full punishment. They wont get half of their punishment. And almost all laws are set up to let us judge the results instead of the intent. It even commands that there be different punishments for different results. Its pathetic.

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