• Volkswagen should stop selling diesel cars in the US

    If they keep on selling diesel, it would probably be bad for the Earth. So in the future, we would maybe no longer to be able to smell fresh air some place in the US. And diesel is bad for our health, its smoke is bad for our body. They should stop selling diesel !

  • Volkswagan should stop selling diesel cars in the US.

    The actions of Volkswagen related to their diesel car admissions has violated the public trust. It is vital for any company to maintain the trust of the public to continue as a profitable entity. If Volkswagen stopped selling diesel cars in the US they would send a message that the Company understands that their breach of the public trust was unacceptable. That action, along, may move them back on the path toward regaining the public's trust in their other products.

  • Volkswagen makes right move to stop selling diesel cars in the U.S.

    Volkswagen was caught cheating emissions test in the United States a few years ago. They temporarily halted the sell of the cars involved in an associated recall. In an effort to focus on electric vehicles and improving green technology, the company announced it will cease selling diesel cars in the U.S. market. This is good for cunsumers and the climate.

  • Volkswagen should stop selling diesel cars in the US

    After Volkswagen was caught manipulating emission tests to evade United States legal restrictions, they have been forced to pay penalties and buy back some VW cars from consumers. It will be impossible for people to trust them to fix the problem and sell diesel cars in the US market, so they should cease selling them here.

  • The cars are good.

    They go very fast and have power in them. They have good features and look good. If we get rid of them there will be more traffic. Pretend there is an Audi in the front of a 143 car line. The traffic will go out quicker than if there was a Mercedes-Benz in the front.

  • Some people like it.

    Diesel is good for some things and vehicles just like unleaded is good for others. People should have a choice in what they want to buy. Environmental warnings might be a more appropriate resolution to the controversy, rather than banning something outright. People in a free country should be allowed to decide what they want to do.

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