Voluntary labeling of genetically modified foods: Should GM food producers be requested to voluntarily label their GM foods?

  • What's being hidden?

    Why the backlash against labeling? Labels are already put on products, and why shouldn't consumers have full disclosure about what's being put in their bodies. If GM foods aren't bad, then consumers can at least decide for themselves what to eat. I am not necessarily against GMOs, we've been modifying our food forever to create different strains. The biggest issue is that we don't know why a particular grain/vegetable/fruit has been GM'd and what effect it has on us. As informed consumers, we need to know, just like the breakdown of fats, carbs, and fiber. Most concerned food producers are labeling food. Why aren't the others? What are they hiding?

  • Yes they should

    I think that genetically modified foods should be labeled. Some people do not want to eat them and it is important to know what exactly is in or on your food you eat. I think that GM food producers should be asked to voluntarily label their foods. If they don't then I think they should be required to label their food.

  • Genetically modified food producers should voluntarily label their foods.

    As the potential dangers of genetically modified food continue to emerge, consumers have the right to make choices about what to put into their bodies. Companies that produce genetically modified food by voluntarily labeling the food for consumer review. Such an act is also one of good faith to establish that the company has nothing to hide or fear.

  • We Should Ask Before Requiring It

    I believe it makes sense to simply as the produces of genetically modified food to the label those products. I believe this would show which companies aren't worried about supplying the label or what make a big deal out of it anyway. In the end, I feel as though it should be a requirement, but I don't mind learning about my food suppliers honesty level in the process.

  • Consumers Must Know What They Buy

    Consumers should be able to know what they are buying. Just like labels that say the generic "artificial flavoring" for ingredients, shoppers need to know exactly what they are buying and how their food was produced. Exact genomic information should be available at the food's website so people can investigate what a particular GM food is designed for.

  • Yes, GM food should be labeled.

    Genetically modified organisms should be labeled as such, simply because this is what society is calling for. However, we would all be in for a shock, because many foods we eat are genetically modified, through selective breeding and cross-breeding, and have been going back for generations. Still, because society wants to know more about what they're eating, labeling, especially if this labeling is voluntary, makes sense.

  • It should be their choice.

    No, GM food producers should not be requested to voluntarily label their GM foods, because each manufacturer should be able to choose how to market their products. It will come down to who has the more powerful lobby as to whether GM foods end up having to be labeled. But each producer should be able to tell the public what they want to about their own product.

  • GMO foods should be labeled mandatorily.

    If a plant or animal I intend to eat is genetically altered, I feel like I should have the right to jnow that in order to make a fully informed decision. If today's agri-business wants to regulate how and when they want to include the public in the decision making process, they would call.

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