• IQ is more important.

    Why? EQ might take you far in the coporate world, but ultimately, you will need IQ to truly succeed, and take you even further. Would you rather be smart, and slightly unhappy, or happy, but slightly retarded? My point is, both are important, but if I were to choose, I'll choose IQ over EQ.

  • It depends on the person, Yes IQ for me.

    Im not that sociable of a person and like to be able to just think about things and do calculus in my head. So i would trade IQ for EQ, but only if i still had a good enough balance of EQ to actually get a job and have atleast 1 good friend. If you are a more sociable person i would suggest that you dont go for IQ. EQ is a good fit for you. You will get a really good job with a high EQ, as long as you have a normal amount of IQ. Also if the reason you want high IQ is to boast to all your friends. You will be miserable with high IQ and low EQ. It would be nice if we could just have both high IQ and EQ. And thats possible. But once it reaches a certain point there is a trade off.

  • I rather be knowledgeable than be 'successful'

    Not diminishing the importance of EQ but even then EQ can be subsumed into IQ if one studies the subject of emotion enough and practices routinely. There's nothing about emotion that is inherently inamenable to being learned the same way everything else gets learned. However I can't think of how one would use EQ in order to gain IQ.

  • I dont think this because im cool

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  • EQ is a better measure of success

    Emotional competencies in reality are just as important, if not more important, than IQ is to business related issues. This study from 1999 claims that EQ has many many important points needed in any business (http://www.Eiconsortium.Org/reports/business_case_for_ei.Html). In an international study with 515 business senior executives found that EQ is a better predictor of success than IQ.

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NovaLux says2014-01-05T19:02:47.347
Can I abstain? They're both pretty horrible tests and I would use either to predict anything meaningful.