Voter suppression contributed to Trump win: Is this the major reason behind the Trump's victory?

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  • A false assumption.

    The link provided blames the law for the mistakes of people. Because it is very possible for one person to claim to be various other people without a photo I.D. Law, we could have one voter voting multiple times using the names of other registered voters. To prevent this scenario, various states required voter I.D.'s. I'ts no the states fault if people showed up to vote unprepared. Sure, not everyone of voting age has or needs a drivers licence, thing is, that is not the only photo I.D. Available and many people would need some kind of photo I.D. To make various purchases. The really had no reason not to have a photo I.D.
    Another claim was that many could not get time off to vote, yet the polls were open for between 11 - 14 hrs depending on the state and just being in line before closing time meant that you would still be allowed to vote. Further, if you knew you would not be able to show up on that date, you might be eligible to cast an absentee ballot.
    Sure, maybe some voters made mistakes on the voting process. Thing is, what makes you think that it was just people who may have voted for Hillary? Sure, the liberal bias piece claims that voter I.D. Laws mostly effected minorities but assuming a minority would only vote for Hillary is racist as many minorities voted for Trump.

    The reason Trump won is because he put in the work. Hillary, who was so convinced with pre-election polls that had her winning by a landslide must not have thought it was worth her time. After all, the media polls pretty much guaranteed a victory for her. On the other hand, even the most optimistic poll about Trump still had him behind so he kept on working and had the victory.
    The polls may have also caused many Clinton supporters not to vote. After all, if it's going to be a landslide, a few more votes won't matter. On the other hand, Trump supporters wanted it to be at least closer so their voices may be heard.
    If anything, the ones to blame for Hillary"s loss it's the liberal media, and Hillary herself.

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