Voters In Wyoming Have 3.6 Times The Voting Power. Do you think It's Time To End The Electoral College?

  • It's out dated

    It has happened more than once that the candidate who lost the popular vote won the electoral college. It is not fair or democratic. The small states are afraid of being ignored ,but it is the populous places that make the wealth and should be determining the leaders. I think it needs to go.

  • Yes, we need to end the electoral college

    The electoral college is out of date and does not represent the voting pattern of the U.S. citizens. There have been two occasions (Al Gore and Hillary Clinton) that have rocked the election by not using the popular voting results to determine the president. It is a frustrating situation for the citizens and out of touch with our current times.

  • Or at least overhaul it

    The electoral college exists to purportedly create another form of balance, but it's a flawed process. Without it, there's a possibility that the least populous states won't have a "fair" stake in national elections, but with it, there's often a huge discrepancy between the electoral vote and the popular one. I don't know how to fix it, but I do think the process needs to be overhauled.

  • Electoral college is in place for a good reason

    The United States is made up of a very diverse population of people spread across many states. Some states with relatively small populations have very legitimate concerns about how national elections will effect their lives. They have as much right to make a difference in the presidential election as densely populated areas.

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