• Yes, votes mean nothing

    I think people who are voting "no" might actually mean "yes" (that votes don't really mean anything). Anyway, the votes aren't proportionate. Only people who chose to click and vote are counted, and that is a small and disproportionate sample. It tells us nothing about DDO's opinion and nothing about the world's opinion.

    Posted by: kbub
  • It doesn't at all

    Unless if you're debating on real issues like abortion, racism, religious derogation, stuff like that, votes don't mean jack sh*t. Nobody really cares about debates that's not addressing real world problems. Many of these debates are just for fun like Yo Mama contests or which superhero is better. That stuff doesn't matter.

  • It's all rigged.

    I find myself wondering if votes really mean anything. Think about it. Some people, on this site, have impressive friends lists. What's to stop them from sharing their debates with these friends, so they can stack the deck? How many people, on this site, actually read the debates and render an opinion based on the arguments? Anyway. I'm not here for votes. If my arguments can change someone's mind about something important, then I'm happy. Nothing would please me more than to have someone write me and say that they have accepted Christ as their Savior, because of something I've said. I would lose a thousand debate to accomplish this and call it time well spent.

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digitalbeachbum says2014-03-31T09:57:29.277
I'm confused. If you vote "NO" are you saying "No my votes don't mean anything" or are you saying "Yes my votes don't mean anything"?????

I would vote "YES" because I am agreeing with the question of the original poster.

I agree with the "impressive friend list". I have a debate going on right on now which, holy crap, I'm not getting any points for grammar or spelling. While the core of the argument is silly and pointless, the rest of the debate I took really serious.