• Yes yes yes

    First of all if you don't know where and what is happening in Aleppo you are automatically disqualified, but it goes to show you that people will vote for anyone. It's embarrassing how ill informed the American public is. Yes, you are throwing your vote away by voting Libertarian. Put your big boy and girl panties on and vote for one of the two leading candidates.

  • Yes, you are.

    The libertarian's have no chance of winning the election. It is basically throwing your vote away because you are not supporting a canidate that has any chance of wining and your vote is not likely to be counted. They will only count the votes for the two biggest candidates, and all the others will be ignored.

  • Yes, you are throwing your vote away if you vote libertarian.

    Yes, you are throwing your vote away if you vote libertarian because this election will be won by either Trump or Clinton. To consider anyone else a viable contender is to cast your vote out into the sea. The race is down between two people, so you should choose one or the other.

  • Yes, it is a disaster

    The libertarian party is as bad as I've ever seen it. Gary Johnson has said comments a lot worse than Trump or Clinton and has no idea how to improve foreign policies. He also has a terrible idea about climate change. His biggest flop was probably when he said "what is Aleppo?" to news reporters whenever he was asked about the current situation there. This man would ruin our country and I think even Trump would be more qualified than him.

  • Yes, voting Libertarian: You are throwing your vote away

    Unfortunately, electoral candidates are often backed and funded by powerful CEO's and business leaders who make up the 1% of Americans who make the most amount of money. These leaders choose candidates who they believe will ensure prosperity in their companies. Non-funded candidates receive no public attention and therefor smaller political groups will never be heard enough to be able to out vote a candidate from a larger funded party.

  • If I was libertarian I would "throw away" my vote

    I am not a libertarian but I do have values that cross over into libertarianism. I don't believe in gun control. I do believe in drug legalization and taxation even though I never plan on doing drugs. I strongly support gay rights and feminism. I do believe in personal responsibility and have a non interventionist attitude. I often see libertarianism as a background for my beliefs but I don't consider myself to be anything. But if I chose a party it would be the libertarian party. I don't like the democratic or republican parties. To me both Hilary and Trump are terrible candidates. Logic and common sense should be what drives our morality.

  • Stop using circular logic

    No one votes third party because voting third party is a wasted vote because third parties can't win because no one votes third party. And around and around the cycle goes. If your goal is in fact to break the cycle, then not voting third party is a vote against your own interests. Not only that, but winning the presidency is probably not the current primary goal of most Libertarians. If the LP reaches 5% of the popular vote, they qualify for federal funding and become a major party. So, in a way, the election could be thought of as a referendum on libertarianism, in which a vote for either major party candidate effectively equates to a "no" vote.

  • A wasted vote, is voting for someone you don't believe in.

    A thrown vote is a vote for Hilary, and a vote for trump, because both of them will throw the country away. Johnson isn't only a third choice, he's also the most principled candidate. I believe he would be a good candidate in every presidential race, regardless of the hatred between trump and Hilary.

  • Voting mainstream would be throwing your vote away this time.

    I'm not sure how people justify voting for the candidate they don't like. I guess the main argument is that your government will suck less if your lesser of evils wins.....I feel duty bound to simply vote for the best candidate. If I'm in the minority and Its really that bad, then so be it. I'll just have to live with that or move to another country that shares my principles. Really though, every president that I can remember wasn't the guy I wanted or even the lesser of evils. People consistently vote for someone I've worried about, and I've still been happy as a clam. I'll just keep doing the right thing and vote for my favorite candidate.

    Most people have more of a herd mentality in who they view as "legitimate" and that's okay. Please don't say I'm throwing my vote away though. Using herd logic, its typical that some 40% or more "throw their vote away" each election by voting for the loser. I'm not any different then the rest of them.

    Using my own logic, I'm fine if Trump gets elected. I do not support him, (Hillary to) and I'm deeply concerned, but as long as I'm on team America I'm gonna try and get behind the next will of the people adapt and make the best of it. We are the UNITED States of America, not my America. I'm not going to inhibit what may be right for someone else, merely because its wrong for me. That'd make me feel guilty. I'm going to vote for what's right for me, and accept that the greater good will be decided by who will fit the greatest number of people.

  • Just think for a minute...

    If everyone who thought "I would vote for a third party, but I won't, as they have no chance of winning" voted for a third party, then maybe they would actually get elected. So no, its not throwing away your vote, its choosing who you actually want to get elected.

  • Not in the least

    Don't flush your principals down the toilet just because every red and blue wants you to vote for their candidate. It's your vote, cast it how you want. Or don't. It's called freedom. While anyone can concoct a scenario where a single vote matters, in practice, it doesn't. I would be far far far more offended if you voted for someone you didn't support or want in office. As should every single true American.

  • No it's not.

    And even if it were, I'd rather throw my vote away then vote to throw my country away. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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