• The way to a fair society

    Voting should be compulsory. Firstly, women have died to earn their right to vote. Therefore, people should be made to make a choice. Also, it ensures a fair society- if everyone gives their input, then the output will be in the society's best interest. Finally, it would engage all in politics, leading to better informed decisions.

  • The only fix

    Yes, compulsory voting would result in the electorate being less educated. But the American electorate is already largely ignorant, so should we bring back literacy tests. Our government should be that of the people, not of the few. Additionally, compulsory voting only requires that you submit a ballot, not that choose any particular candidate. Finally, America already has several forms of compulsory civic service such as taxation, jury duty and occasionally conscription. Should we abolish these because it forces people to do something they don't want to. Compulsory voting is the only fix to America's chronic voter turnout problem and the only way to ensure equal representation of the greater population.

  • Voting should definitely be mandatory!!

    Voting should be mandatory because we are a fortunate enough country to be given the right to vote. Surely when you are given an opportunity to have your say in the future of your country you should take it! The suffragettes died so that women could have the right to vote so I don't understand how anyone could just ignore this opportunity. There are people living in dicatatorships who don't get to vote, we are very lucky to be living in a democratic country. I'm not even 18 yet but I know that when I am, I'm going to take advantage of my rights and vote because that's what the women from generations before me fought for!

  • Voting should be regulated by standardized testing.

    We have way too many ignorant and uneducated people voting and ruining our political system. If you honestly think Obama will make it so you do not have to pay your mortgage, then you probably shouldn't be allowed to vote for him. This is not an attack on any group, it is simply a fact that ignorance and voting creates a popularity contest and not a true democracy. This is the same reason one has to be 18 to vote. However if someone who is 18 has the education of someone who is not 18, then what is the point of having this law. Standardized testing for voting would solve a lot of our problems. Educate yourself before voting.

  • No. Wake up the sheeple. Sure, your vote may be ``counted``, but it wont count.

    Its pointless. As Pres. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, 'Presidents are selected not elected'`.

    The electoral collage, the people who ACTUALLY choose the president, who are supposed to be choosing according to their states`s interest, are bought by corporates, banks, societys.

    Both sides of an election work for the same masters. If you think your vote can change A THING, WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

    Sure, your vote may be `counted`, but it wont count

    Council on Foreign Affairs
    Electoral Collage

    (Its Impossible to wake the sheeple in a 500 word comment box, cant explain)

    The `President`is a puppet.
    Never heard of these 3 organizations? Ofcourse you havn`t. Not until you`ve been awakened to the reality of politics, control of countiries, the current truth of American Government. Wake The Sheeple.

    The billionare few choose a puppet to rule the millions of poor

  • Very bad idea

    There is a lot of voting being done by the politically clueless, because they hold the idea that everyone should vote. This is very destructive to America. It would be far worse if people were required to vote, because then the other people who are politically clueless would vote as well. I also believe in freedom. This is a government in which people get what they want, if they want "whatever" they will, and should get "whatever".

  • It would force people to choose

    If you force someone to choose rather than allow them to choose if they want, they will become much more likely to make an uninformed vote, if someone has not stayed informed and you force them to vote they will not even know what they are doing. Three more words.

  • People must have a reason to vote.

    Many people don't vote because they don't know what is going on or because they don't approve of either candidate. By forcing people who don't even know where the candidates stand to vote, we would turn the presidential election into more of a popularity contest (and less of a serious debate on the issues) than it already is.

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