Voyeurism: Is the recent recording of a murder on cell phone a sign of problematic voyeurism?

  • People are becoming sick.

    The fact that someone would record a murder on a cellphone, and that many people would most likely watch it, just shows the sick and twisted mindset that our society is devolving into. Being able to witness things like this from afar gives the viewer a sense of "this isn't really real" which allows them to justify watching it.

  • Yes, this is an example of problematic voyeurism.

    The recent cell phone recording of a murder is a sign of problematic voyeurism. Recording such a gruesome act without offering to intervene to save a life shows that the person recording the murder is sick. This seems like an example of some type of voyeurism, if not just an extremely troubled person.

  • Camera phones have reduced many people to citizen journalists first

    There have been far too many instances of people simply recording a violent incident or medical incident without rendering assistance. Ignoring or simply watching someone's plight may not be a new phenomenon; however, it is a disturbing one. People really need to put the phone down and render assistance as opposed to documenting the incident to upload on their social media account.

  • I think we have a serious problem with voyeurism

    Voyeurism used to be an interesting past time that was relatively harmless, but in recent years it has taken on a new level and has become dangerous in some respects. The recent murder recorded on a cell phone is a perfect example of how far it has gone and how dangerous it has become.

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