VP Candidate Mike Pence's campaign plane slid off the runway at LaGuardia. Will this win the ticket sympathy votes?

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  • Voting is more than sympathy

    I hope this incident with Mike Pence would not be a reason for swaying any voters. I hope that America is not just voting based on emotions or gut reactions. I hope America is voting with their intellect and are pursuing knowledge on all the issues. I think it's appropriate to extend sympathy to Mike Pence for what was probably a terrifying situation. But I don't think that is a situation that should win votes from the people.

  • I don't think so

    I don't think voters have much sympathy for things that show the wealth of a person who is trying to be part of the running of our country. Times have been hard for so many and I don't know how bad people will feel about something happening to something that is a pure luxury to own when they are more concerned with putting a roof over the heads of their kids and food on the table. Especially since thankfully nobody was hurt.

  • This isn't a high school dance

    Nobody got hurt, Mr. Pence himself did nothing to cause or suffer from the incident. American voters may be fools, but surely they can recognize that stuff happens all that time, and that unfortunate events are no methods of determining a government. The plane was probably thrown off balance by the the huge TRUMP stamped on the fuselage.

  • Why vote on sympathy

    At any rate Pence is still a well off white dude with a fair amount of power. Just because his plane slid off a runway shouldn't be enough for a sympathy vote. Who in their right mind sees the story and says " this guy's been though a lot, I'd better vote for him?!"

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