VW expands Tennessee plant: Should the state contribute funding to the site?

  • Yes, sets a good example for other states to follow.

    The state should definitely assist VW with expansion because the plant will help to bring more jobs and economic growth to the area. This also sets an example for other states to offer an incentive for companies willing to keep their businesses in the US, (rather than sending them abroad).

  • Tennessee should contribute to an expanding VW plant in the state.

    One of the most important factors in any modern economy is jobs, In my opinion the state should contribute finances to this project in the process encouraging investment and creating jobs, If jobs are created the state will no doubt benefit by increased tax revenue from these new jobs over time.

  • The States should contribute funding to the VW Tennessee plant

    The States should contribute funding to the VW Tennessee plant because in the end, the state will benefit from revenue from jobs created as well as the company hiring employees and producing VW cars that Americans love. With the low economy that we still have and the auto industry hit hard, a VW expansion would benefit everyone, even though it is not an American car.

  • The success of the Tennessee plant is important to sustaining jobs.

    In harsh economic times such as these, it is important to create permanent job growth. If a new plant fails due to lack of funding, some people will lose their jobs and others will lose opportunities. This is true historically. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt create the New Deal to combat the Great Depression. The New Deal involved investing heavily in work programs. Roosevelt understood that deficit spending was the only way to truly aid economic recovery.

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