Wabi-Sabi: Should we all take on a more "imperfect" view of the world?

  • Yes, it is healty.

    To find beauty in imperfection basically means to live life. Everything is perfectly imperfect on this Earth: nature, animals, countries, people... To find beauty in imperfection is to look for the good in every situation. Looking for the negative only makes us miserable. Loving your imperfections is essential to living a healthy life, but it's a challenge.

  • The Best of All Possible Worlds

    Readers of Voltaire's great satirical work "Candide" will remember the naive Sancho Panza-like character of Dr. Pangloss. He accompanies the hero, Candide, through his trials and tribulations. Even as Candide suffers from persecution, endures bodily harm and loses all hope, Dr. Pangloss re-assures him that we (i.e. all people) live in "the best of all possible worlds". A look at the world today will serve the same purpose as Voltaire's classic work: this is not the best of all possible worlds. To assume the world is perfect, or even adequate, is to ignore the suffering of millions around the world. Racism, genocide, starvation, political upheaval, economic inequality, and corporate exploitation, to say nothing of extreme weather events and other natural disasters, persist every day. It is only by acknowledging these imperfections in our global society that we can begin to take our first steps toward adequate and sustainable solutions.

  • Wabi-Sabi: Should we all take on a more "imperfect" view of the world

    Wabi-Sabi: Should we all take on a more "imperfect" view of the world. The concept of wabi-sabi is necessary and in fact even important to be able to live through life's ups and downs. Truly it would make the world a better place and people would be happier with who or what they are.

  • Imperfection Can Be Perfect In A Sense

    I believe that the Japanese have a great concept by believing in Wabi-Sabi. This lowers expectations and may not cause people to become overcome with grief or stress if they do not meet a specific goal or excel an activity that they have been interested in. It is a concept that I believe can help Americans relax and accept whatever comes their way.

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