Wade Davis to the Cubs: Can the Cubs repeat as World Series champions?

  • The Cubs are a building dynasty, and it starts with a 2nd consecutive championship.

    The Chicago Cubs have a lineup greater than any other lineup in the NL, their rotation is the best and deepest in baseball, and Wade Davis is a great leader for an up and coming bullpen. Their farm system with Ian Happ and co. Is great as well. The only teams that are threatening are the Indians, and we all know what happened last season.

  • Yes, with Wade Davis the Cubs can easily repeat as World Series Champions.

    The Cubs now have their greatest chance ever for a repeat of being World Series Champions with Wade Davis on the mount as pitcher. As long as he stays healthy, they can do it again. Not only does Davis have something to prove, he has something to offer the team in way of a four-seam fastball in the 95–98 MPH range, which very few hitters can step up to. He also has a great ERA, and outstanding saves, which he will bring to the organization to help the Cubs win another Championship.

  • Yes, the Cubs can repeat as World Series champions.

    Yes, the Cubs can repeat as World Series champions. The Chicago Cubs have proven themselves to be formidable opponents to any team that has challenged them, and they have the talent and spirit needed to continue their run as champions. It also helps that they have the support of the passionate baseball fans of Chicago on their side.

  • I think the Cubs can repeat a World Series win.

    I do believe the Cubs have the talent and potential to win another World Series. If they can keep most of their key players and avoid injuries, the task is absolutely doable. However, they did not win easily over the Indians and may need a bit of luck to achieve the same results as last season.

  • Too many moving parts.

    The Cubs cannot repeat as World Series champions, because their first victory was so rare. Already, there are players being traded to and from the Cubs. The management will change. There will not be the excitement of winning for the first time in 100 years. It is very hard for any team to repeat.

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