Wage Protest Arrests: Should People Be Left Alone to Protest Fair Wages?

  • As long as they are peaceful protests, of course.

    People have the right to free speech and every right to peacefully protest. America has a long, interesting history on the protest for fair wages and treatment and the current protests are no different. Nothing would ever change if people did not speak out. Why shouldn't we be allowed to protest for fair wages?

  • Agree, to an extent

    Everyone has the right to protest, peacefully. If a group of people would like to gather so their combined voices can be better heard, by all means that is their right. Once the protesters turn to disturbing the peace (blocking traffic, looting, fighting, etc.) is when I think they should begin to be arrested. There is a big difference between peacefully letting the public know your opinion and forcing it down the public's throat by causing a major scene.

  • I think people have the right to protest anything.

    The right to protest should not be infringed upon. Whether it is against tyranny, for higher wages or civil rights, the freedom to protest and voice your disagreement should be protected always. It shouldn't matter what you are protesting for as long as it is done peacefully and no harm to anyone or damage to property occurs.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    You want more money, get an education doing something. Unskilled workers need to get used to minimum wages because that's all they're worth to their employers. It's a business racism, no sexism, no homophobism. Get another other job if that one does not pay are working at an entry level job that was never intended to support a family---take a little personal responsibility and move up the ladder, because your lack of the desire to be upwardly mobile is not your employers problem.

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