Wage Theft Act: Should the The Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Recovery Act be passed by Congress?

  • Yes, wage theft is a serious issue and congress should pass the law to prevent and provide recovery for it

    Individuals who are paid hourly or in part through tips are some of the most vulnerable to abuses by business and need the protections of the Wage Theft Prevention and Recovery Act. It is already the law that workers must be paid for time worked and yet the law was proposed because everyone knows there are businesses out there violating the rules and unfairly competing.

  • Congress should pass The Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Recovery Act

    Congress should quickly pass The Wage Theft Prevention and Wage Recovery Act. The bill would provide workers with the correct wage for services rendered. There are many business that are not playing by the rules and shortchanging workers. It is particularly acute among low wage workers, those in most need of their wages and who have less resources to file grievances.

  • The Wage Theft Act Couldn't Hurt

    I think it's always a good idea to have it all mapped out for new employees about what their wage will be. Also, tell them exactly what deductions are being taken. I do have to ask though if this act covers telling an employee if their wages are garnished. This seems to be something that happens and throws a person for a loop because the company didn't bother to inform them ahead of time that it was happening for one reason or another.

  • So this is interesting...

    When I initially read the question, I didn't know what the wage theft prevention act was. So I researched it. My initial searches, that were supposedly going to tell me all about the bill, just had quotes from it's supporting politicians who said things like "this will protect workers and ensure they get paid fairly!" So, of course I was on board.

    Then... I was finally able to come across a breakdown of the specific provisions of the bill here:

    So in reading this, I found out that the FLSA already protects workers against wage theft, with things like "double compensation for lost wages." Well, the wage theft prevention and recovery acts would now make that "triple compensation, plus interest accrued."

    The FLSA also currently has a penalty system for employers who are guilty of wage theft, including fines and prison time for systematic offenders, but it must be proven to be wilful and intentional. The wage theft prevention act would simply increase those fines, and remove the provision of being "intentional" making to where if wage theft happened by accident because of a clerical error or something, the wrath of God would still be brought upon you without mercy, in addition to you having to pay triple damages to those who lost out on their wages, no matter how big or small the mistake was.

    So essentially, this bill says "currently, we cut off the employer's finger when wage theft occurs, but with this bill, we want to cut off their entire arm! (even if it was a mistake)

    If I were looking into being an employer, I would be pretty anxious about this bill, because there is ZERO room for employer error. It doesn't really incentivize people to, you know, go out and create jobs so that other people can work.

  • Just let it be

    If Congress would stop meddling in employee wages we would all be better off. They're only calling for more regulation because they have to fix the problems that were caused by regulation in the first place. Without minimum wage, more people would be able to hold jobs, especially young people. Disabled people would be able to find meaningful work that suits their abilities. Congress regulates this issue too much for society's good.

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