• It is a Political, Social and Economic Necessity

    + Why Independence for Wales is POLITICALLY BENEFICIAL
    Wales does not have a proper democracy at the moment. By supplying only 40 MPs to a parliament of 650 the electorate in Wales has no power. Despite, in the 2015 General elections, voting a Labour Majority of Welsh MPs we have had a Tory government forced on us by England - can you call the democracy? Furthermore our MPs don't seem to matter in Parliament. Just look at the drowning of Tryweryn. Despite all bar one (whom abstained) of Welsh MPs voting against this bill it was passed in Westminster because of English MPs - clearly highlighting the lack of proper democracy in Wales.
    As for our Assembly - its powers are so limited all it does is deal with minor policies and nothing that can actually bring Wales progress - therefore if we went independence the voice of what our people want - not what the English want - will be implemented in Wales. Freedom will give us democracy.
    + Why Independence for Wales is a SOCIAL BENEFIT
    As said before independence will make our voice heard and allow progressive policy which defend s our people to be passed. Furthermore we can tackle Welsh Social problems such as the plague of Holiday Homes in the North and the Lack of NHS funding. It will also allow other policy to be passed that will bring social improvement such as Green energy to reduce bills and thus fuel poverty - Westminster will never help the Welsh people because they see us as nothing but a colony. Only if independent can we protect our social classes.
    + Why Independence for Wales is a ECONOMIC BENEFIT
    ENGLAND DO NOT FINANCIALLY SUPPORT WALES! This is a myth which I shall now bust:
    Our GDP (2014): £47.9B - Our Budget granted by Westminster (2014): £14.9B
    Average Budget of UK (in-terms of GDP) 50%
    Thus if independent (and spending on a average budget) our National Economy will grow by £9B or 60%. This shows how much more financially better off Wales could be as an independent Nation.


  • Where will the money come from?

    Thatcher closed the pits. Druid ceremonies are on the decrease. Prize money from failing to win all those rugby tournaments hasn't materialised. Doctor Who will relocate to be with civilisation once again.

    I guess you could try selling some of those spare consonants you have everywhere. Or I guess the ever ageing population of the world will produce more grannies, and god forbid they run out of wool to knit.. Sheep farming on an industrial scale? Maybe get some more mileage out of Tom Jones if you're lucky too.

  • Isolation never solves our problems

    With the ongoing globalisation, humans are encountering problems of a type they have never had before. For example the economy has gotten more and more complicated, we see that with greece now where one country can pull down the entire EU. For something like this to work out it is essential that every country works together. Many experts see the so-called "United States of Europe" the only way to save the project EU. But it seems to fail because every country is doing what it wants.

    So yes, it seems tempting for a rich country or region to want to separate from the others in order to keep their wealth, however, in the long term, we can never built general rules like that. And we are in desperate need of these general, global rules. This is why it is possible for rich people to put their money into an account, e.g. in the Cayman Islands while living in their home country, thus not having to pay taxes in it. The more independent countries we have, the more loopholes there will be, making it impossible to stop global problems like the global warming.

    As much as i know about Wales, it is a fairly wealthy country, and I think people are complaining on a very high level. But there is an alarming trend in Europe for the richer regions to want to separate from it or also for their country, like in Spain (Catalunya), Germany (Bavaria), France (Brittany) or the UK (Scotland, Wales). This is absolutely not the right way to solve our problems.

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