Walgreens to remain an American company: Do you believe it was a good idea for Walgreens to stay in the US?

  • It's Not All About Money

    Walgreens first thought to move to Switzerland to reduce the amount of taxes they would have to apy. But what they need to realize is that it's not just about money! Corporations are always trying to increase their bottom line, widen their margins, and squeeze more money out of their business. But really they should be thinking about creating a sustainable and, yes, profitable business but one that supports their community and their consumers. I don't think Walgreens is close to going bankrupt and needing the tax break. I'm sure they make plenty of money. To look for me is pure greed and capitalism. Staying in the U.S. means they will continue to support the American economy that allowed them to flourish in the first place.

  • Yes, Walgreen stay

    It is best for Walgreens to remain in the United States. It benefits the US economy for Walgreens to keep their tax base here. Large companies such as Walgreens should not take advantage of tax loopholes by leaving the US. Walgreens has been a United States drugstore and should stay.

  • Without A Doubt!

    Many people are supportive of American-made & American companies, these days. I think the Great Recession, in part, created this. Consumer-burn, with foreign-made products, also fueled the support. Walgreens remaining as a U.S. company is just a smart decision. It is addressing that marketing appeal. The American consumer is fighting back and they know what they want! And where their dollars go, Wall Street will follow! This is just the first ripple of a huge corporate wave!

  • Walgreens' decision to support USA is wise

    The decision for Walgreens to remain an American company is one that should be closely watched by investors. So many companies have agreed to outside resources, but it seems that Walgreens wanted to keep the USA balance. In my opinion, this decision is going to garner more customers than ever. Too many companies have sold out and people will suport a pro-American company even if that means stopping by the store and just picking up a soda.

  • Yes, Walgreens needs to stay true.

    Walgreens started in Chicago. A great big American hometown. I see the possibilities of expanding being great. But hasn't America done you good Walgreens? Personally, my household shops at walgreens a couple times a week. I think my concern if Walgreens went across the world, tobacco prices would rise in the store. My family and friends go out of their ways to go to Walgreens for tobacco products & plenty of other products.

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