Wall Street banker to food industry: Can "downgrading" yield an "upgrade"?

  • In Some Ways

    This could be possible but not all people would be happy with the results. Given the question it is really difficult to assume what exactly was meant by this question and therefore there is no clear answer. I downgraded once in car make to get the highest level upgraded model. I was happy with the trade offs but that doesn't mean it could be applied in other formats.

  • Less is More

    Having the food industry downgrade their imported ingredients would force them to use local produce and therefore yield an upgraded menu for locals by supporting local. Keeping the ingredients simplier and local would create a new menu for chefs and consumers, while regulating the global price on imported produce and meats.

  • Market Analysis Diminishes in Value

    Market analysis, announced by qualified analysts and researchers are starting to loose ground. With the increasing number of unrelated and distant situations that influence markets and are almost impossible to predict, traditional market analysis diminishes its value. Investors rely more and more on fundamentals and recent financial data, rather then on eloquent but mostly subjective and highly projective materials, often provided to support certain institutions` market positions, than to inform interested third parties.

  • It may increase cost of food but not availability

    In the food industry I think our main objective should constantly be finding ways to upgrade. From a financial return stance, yes downgrading yield will upgrade profits but we need to be maximizing yield as a way for producing more food for ourselves and around the world as well. This would help hopefully to increase our GDP.

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