Wall Street: Have tighter standards forced corporate executives to play loosely with earnings reports?

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  • No, corporations are exempt from fraud and all scamming illegal activities, but individuals can't even have a glass of wine at a restaurant and try to drive home without being labelled as a 'violent criminal'.

    What we should do is, if the issue is legal talent, or the hope of swapping non-enforcement for a great job later, is hire a special 'hit team' of top flight SEC and legal talent and give them the chance to split 10% of recovery for every successful prosecution and 1% of any successful plea, to give them motivation for pursuing cases that can go to trial rather than settlements.

  • One game after another - they will always find a loophole

    Wall Street executives are going to keep playing games and finding ways to cheat the system no matter the standards or restrictions put in place. And the new regulations are still pretty soft and generally hand plenty of room for shenanigans without forcing corporate officers to search for creative methods of cheating earnings reports or revenues.

  • No, they are more transparent because of these efforts.

    I would argue that corporate executives have become more conscious of their earnings reports in order to not mislead the public. Tighter restrictions have brought charges against those who have not followed the law. I believe this has forced the executives to be more transparent in an effort to protect themselves.

  • No, tighter standards have not resulted in looser earnings reports

    No, tighter standards have not forced corporate executives to play loosely with earning reports . Tighter standards place more restrictions on earnings reports and how they should be submitted. They do not allow as much room for maneuvering as the former requirements for earnings reports. It does not make sense to believe that looser reporting is a result of tighter standards.

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