• Yes, the big bankers have distorted the free market through collusion.

    Big bankers have colluded to unfairly fix prices and manipulate interest rates. Collusion is unethical and runs contrary to free market principles. It negatively impacts the economy, carrying consequences which affect local governments, public entities, and the pensions of everyday citizens. Collusion is dishonest and fraudulent. Considering the enormous profit big bankers have made through their secret arrangements, it is safe to say greed is the driving force.

  • Investment Banking Regulation, and the Limits of Greed

    It could be effectively said, that greed is fostered by allowance. How extensive the reach of an investment institution is in terms of its ability to takeover smaller entities, has much to do with influence on the markets. Until recently, regulatory control of institutional investors was somewhat limited by laissez-faire policies integrated as part of securities trading legislation, that promoted the marketing of less than scrupulous securities products. Since the near collapse of the global financial markets in 2008, the elimination of secondary mortgage securities, and other risky investment vehicles once promoted by institutional investors as a method of increasing liquidity, reflects the U.S. Federal Government's position on "greed".

  • Of Course they are but....

    Yes of course the big bankers are greedy. On the other hand it is not unreasonable given the recent and current economic climate to expect wall street to correct and give the economy a boost. Every little helps. Its the nature of the financial industry to keep things moving and of course greed is a big part of that.

  • Yes, of course bankers are greedy.

    This is no longer the day of the small town banker who gets into the field because he or she cares about the people who are local and wants to make sure they earn money on their investments. Bankers today are financial people who want to make money for themselves.

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