• They would use them.

    Yes, the very rich should be allowed to have ROTH IRAs, because they are the people who would use them. It is unfair that they are presumed to not need the tax break because they make so much money in any given year, when the next year might not be so good for them. They should be allowed to save like everybody else.

  • The very rich should be allowed to have ROTH IRAs.

    The very rich should be allowed to have ROTH IRAs. This is because the contribution limits are low anyway. It is a tax shelter that only shelters so much. Everyone also has a right to save for retirement. Being self-sufficient means that one less person will be taking taxpayer money for retirement as well.

  • Rich and ROTH

    Yes I think the very rich should be allowd to have ROTH IRAs. The reason I say so is because everyone deserves to be able to establish some type of IRA account whether they are rich, middle class or poor. It's just them saving money just like the working class people. I do not thing any one should be exempt.

  • No, they shouldn't

    Roth IRA's were originally meant for middle income people to have their earnings grow tax free. There are all sorts of income limits for tax breaks and I don't think this should be any different. This isn't intended to give everyone a free pass on taxes, it was specifically meant for the middle class.

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