Wall Street's nightmare: Will the stock market continue to terrify investors?

  • Yes, the stock market is too volatile right now.

    The stock market has made terrifying losses in the past week and the unstable economic climate right now tells us that recovery will be slow and painful for stockbrokers and investors. They should be terrified that they've lost a lot of money and will not be able to get it back for a while.

  • Yes, the stock market will continue to terrify investors

    Yes, in my opinion the stock market will continue to terrify investors. As long as the economy stays they way that it is, the stock prices will continue to be very volatile. The investors that are looking for a safe source of income will continue to be terrified as every trade and/or investment will be loaded with risk and could result in the loss of your fortune.

  • No. The stock market will not continue to terrify investors.

    The stock market always has it's ups and downs and it just happens to be in a down period. I believe it will rebound in the near future and make up for all of the losses within the past few months. The stock market has had it's good days and bad days and good days are ahead.

  • Up and Down

    It's hard to expect great things from a stock market no one really knows how it would go. Everyday the best stocks rise from top to bottom, up and down. The people that will greatly benefit are the ones who've been around with the best companies and figuring out what is best for each other.

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