• Going Local is the New Thing

    As a sort of backlash to outcries of poor employee treatment, imported-only goods and concerning environmental practices of large companies, many consumers are choosing to shop locally whenever possible. The local movement encourages consumers to buy goods made in their area, to support small businesses and to keep the environmental costs that come with transporting goods low.

  • Yes, Walmart losing some standing

    I think that Walmart is starting to lose some of it's appeal and will start to lose more and more popularity. I think that other stores are starting to gain popularity and taking away from Walmart an that more and more smaller stores will take over. There is a stigma with a lot of people who shot at Walmart and feel if other prices compare they will shop less and less.

  • No people love getting everything in one stop

    While every year more and more people are using services like Amazon Prime and Peapod, big box retailers are still not going out of style with the common consumer. Most people like going to the store and physically picking out and buying their items. Most people also would much prefer going to just one store for everything rather than making multiple trips.

  • Consumers Depend on Big-Box Retailers

    With today's unsettled times contributing to so many factors affecting consumer goods' prices and availability, people are more likely to shop the big retailers such as Walmart to stock up on the items they depend upon. Plus the prices are more affordable when bought in bulk, so it allows the medium to low income familty to stretch their budgets.

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