• They should be paying their employees a lot more than they are.

    Walmart is notorious for mistreating their employees. I think they need to raise their wages and do a complete overhaul of all of their policies. Possibly hire some new managers or some other type of reforms. The company should be responsible for customer and employee complaints. They should address those complaints in a timely manner.

  • That's a yes, sir. Walmart should pay employees more.

    ALL corporations should be paying their employees more, not just Walmart. The people need to earn enough money to live, and these corporations are not helping them to do that. It’s okay to have wealth, but it’s not okay to be greedy at the expense of thousands of workers who are sweating and working hard to pay their bills. Yes, Walmart should pay their employees more money. They will not go bankrupt by giving those people a few more dollars an hour. They might even increase customer service efforts.

  • Yes, Walmart costs the government billions of dollars.

    Walmart needs to pay its employees more. A report from Americans for Tax Fairness in 2014 found that Walmart gets nearly $7.8 billion per year in tax breaks and federal subsidies. It can easily afford to pay its employees reasonable wages, but it doesn't, and many of those employees instead rely on government assistance to get by, costing the government even more. In other words, billions of dollars of taxpayer money is going directly to Walmart. We should be able to demand that they pay their workers fairly with our money.

  • They pay them a great deal.

    Walmart is one of only a few employers in the country that actively seeks out people with disabilities. Almost anyone can stand or sit and be a Walmart greeter. They have done wonderful things to accommodate people with disabilities. Society should thank them instead of criticize what they pay for low-skilled work.

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