• What's a Walmart?

    First off, this is an irrelevant question. I stopped shopping at Walmart ages ago. First off, their stores are overcrowded and run-down and you don't know where the money you spent is really going (or, in this case, going to). And in most cases, they get a bunch of that Chinese-made junk. I hate that. That's why many of the local stores have been getting my support for the last so many years. I'd rather gear my support towards locally-owned, independent chains.

    Posted by: S.K
  • WalMart Just Not The Same Anymore

    I find myself abandoning WalMart more often to shop online. Why? Because when I visit WalMart now, I find spaces on shelves, for popular products, consistently empty. Many products have no prices on them or on the shelves. Prices are incorrect, and there is less selection and variety. I have been shopping online and have been satisfied with the prices and service.

  • Walmart Online Continues

    Even though there is fall in the stock of Walmart, the online shop must not be stopped by we consumer. The market fluctuates all the time. So some near future the stock we rise up and we must continue our faith to Walmart, its management and staffs to prosper again.

  • Im not abandoning walmart

    I am not abandoning Walmart to shop online. It is very easy to walk through Walmart and look at the products on display in the aisles. Walmart has great clearance racks that are not offered online. Online also has the inconvenience of a shipping fee which shopping in the store does not.

  • No, I will continue to shop in person.

    I am not abandoning Walmart to shop online. I am a tactile person, and need to see, fell and smell products before I purchase them. I enjoy the convenience of knowing exactly what I am getting, when I purchase a product. I have found that returns and customer service are often challenging when dealing with an online supplier, whereas with Walmart it`s usually a simple no hastle process.

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SweetTea says2014-08-07T20:35:54.347
I would think those who shop online are shopping out of convenience. Abandoning Walmart has nothing to do with it, because Walmart offers online shopping. Walmart has lost its appeal for other reasons.