• Walmart can compete with online retailers.

    Most people enjoy shopping online. But does that mean that Walmart will go out of business? I don't think so. Online shopping is great, but not everyone can do it. And for those that do not shop online, they need somewhere to go. And to be honest, there is something said for actually trying clothes on, making sure they fit, and having someone help you. Online, it can be deceiving, not fit correctly, and returning items you have purchased online is not easy. Walmart does not need to worry, and neither do we.

  • Yes, Wal-Mart effectively competes with online retailers.

    Yes, Wal-Mart effectively competes with online retailers. Wal-mart not only carries many proprietary products that are not available elsewhere online - they have their own substantial online presence as well. Many people still prefer to purchase products in person rather than online, and Wal-Mart is a cost-effective choice for many customers.

  • Walmart Stock Drops Aren't a Sign of Trouble

    Plenty of corporations have seen their stocks drop in the last five years due to the recession. Walmart stocks dropped, but that is not a clear indicator that they are losing to online retailers such as Amazon and Overstock. Walmart has a large selection online and will pick up on the market within a few months.

  • Yes, Walmart Has an Adequate Online Presence

    Yes, Walmart can continue to compete with online retailers in part because it already has adapted to the online marketplace with it's online ordering system. In fact, Walmart has an advantage over retailers who exist exclusively online because of it's option to not only pick up online orders in store to avoid shipping fees, with the added option to pay cash for said order.

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