Walmart: Will the giant retailer fall to the competition in years to come?

  • Yes, other retailers are starting to outperform Walmart.

    Although Walmart has been a retailer that gives the consumer the ability to purchase a wide variety of products in one place for a low price, other retailers in the industry have been following this business model. Consumers not only enjoy competitive prices, they enjoy a pleasant and calm shopping environment which isn't typical at Walmart. The brands that Walmart offers are not superior and the quality of the clothing they sell are not what most fashion conscious people are looking to wear.

  • Walmart will not fall because it is everywhere

    Walmart will not fall to its competitors in the years to come because it already has a larger, more widely distributed network of stores than its competition. Simply put, Walmart is already everywhere. In larger, urban areas it may lose customers or even stores to Costco or Target, but in the rural, less economically developed areas it already has a strong foothold. Walmart has already started revamping its image and products to make it more trendy and appealing. However, in the end what will save the giant retailer is its extensive network of established stores.

  • No, it won't.

    They have a very well run organization and I think they will come up with new ways to sell their product. People still want to have brick and mortar stores and walmart is the number one grocer in America. I think if they can start selling more online they will still survive.

  • I dont think Walmart will fall to the competition in the years to come

    First of all the question kind of answers itself. Walmart is a giant retailer. They operate over 4000 stores nation wide and that is not including its Sam's Club warehouse club footprint. I think something this big doesn't just shut down over a couple of years. Maybe downsize, but definitely not fall to the competition.

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