• Unfortunately, i have to agree here.

    When you take an officers weapon, be it a taser or firearm, it is a threat to the officer and the surrounding populace. Its a shame he died, as a life is precious. But when you do that, you are openly assaulting the officer. Look at the video in HD around 17 seconds. You can see the taser barbs and wires stuck to the officer. That is proof enough that the officer was justified.

  • Don't Play with the Police

    Who in his right mind would try to assault a police officer and take his taser. What Walter Scott needs is common sense, and perhaps in his next life he will acquire some.

    We don't know what happened prior to the video being turned on.

    If I was a citizen and somebody tried to take my gun or taser, I would defend myself.

    We have enough dumb people in this country, and it's almost impossible to follow through with the death penalty, therefore I believe this murder is justified. We're too politically correct these days and too kind to criminals and miscreants who abuse the system. We should return to old school justice and hang thieves, or at least cut off their arms.

  • Worthless Punk Criminal

    Deserved every bit of it, or shall i say every bullet? He could not listen to officers commands, attacked officer, stole from officer, etc.. Etc...Etc.. Of course he deserved it and i applaud the officer for saving the tax paying non criminal hard working americans tax dollars on defending this trash, drives an luxury vehicle and cant pay child support, complete scum and the world is now an better place now that this worm is sent straight to hell.

  • Rather disgusting people claim he deserved it.

    Last time I checked, police were not judge, jury and executioner. The police officer should have just given chase like he had originally. Shooting the man in the back when he didn't pose an immediate threat to his life was wrong. He'll be in a jail for a long time when they get the conviction on this cop. As much as I hate bringing race into this we all know had that been a white woman her chances of being shot were about 1%.

  • Walter Scott DId Not Deserve It!

    I do not feel that Walter Scott deserved what he received. I feel that what happened to him, was wrong and unjust. I feel that this is going to far. What some authority figures are doing now a days, is getting out of hand. Their is no excuse for what happened to him. I am glad justice will be served this time around.

  • very sad story

    Due to our nation being so cruel and evil, the cop over-reacted. He may have thought he needed to shoot in that brief moment, but unfortunately he did not get time to process what he was doing. We as people, are so scared of one another and hateful that we often just do things that we shouldn't.

  • Nobody Deserves To Get Shot In Back!

    Just because someone runs away from cops doesn't mean they should get shot down like a dog. Yes, Scott, tried to evade, but if the cop wasn't so determined to kill-the situation would've have a very different outcome. Black men were and will always have this bulls eye on them since the slavery days. Nobody deserves to get shot in the back, if one does this act they are cowardly and should not work with people.

  • Walter Scott did not need to be gunned down in the back.

    While no one truly knows what they might do in the heat of a life and death situation and while there has not been a day in court yet, the police would not of taken the action they did if they didn't truly feel it was wrong to to have had Scott shot in the back.

  • You kidding me right?

    So, before I answer this question, could you tell me what the objective of the U.S. Constitution? According the First Amendment, everyone must enjoy their rights. No Amendment wrote that police officer can kill an offender who never threatens and never possesses weapons. Is it still ok to kill someone who merely insults police? Why Police have that much authority to kill valuable human beings? Are Police God in the United States? Do you still agree that your family is killed by police because he merely resisted an officer's arrest? My major is Criminal Justice, and this case is absolutely horrible and disgusting. If you check this video on You Tube, the officer dropped the taser on Walter's body to lie about the story. What if there is no camera man? I am really disappointed at this time and feel disgusting.

  • The defense of this is sickening

    I am freaking ashamed of the society we live in after this one that there is even people who exist that defendthat officer. There is no gray in this case that man was not a threat at all. He shot a man while he was running away. The officer comminted a murder. This is why we have the black lives matter. I know the second anyone says racism it shuts the conversation down but thats what this is. Officers are more likley to see black men as a threat even if they are not it may be subconcious in some cases but it us racism and i wont apologize for saying that.

  • That so-called "police officer" should be prosecuted for murder, and hate crime!

    I live in New York City and this has happened here time after time. Minorities are targeted and often KILLED, while the "officers" get away with it. And the officer did plant the Taser next to the DEAD man's body! Enough shielding racism! I'm a Caucasian woman and I side with the minorities!

  • It's quite impossible.

    This is impossible. The video clearly shows (even in HD, would you believe) that Scott is fleeing from the officer, with the wires attached to him, not the officer, as Scott begins to run away. He was most definitely not justified with using lethal force. The man was no threat, and had no weapon. And check this, from the NY Times:

    "The officer then runs back toward where the initial scuffle occurred and picks something up off the ground. Moments later, he drops an object near Mr. Scott’s body, the video shows."

    Well, I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but it seems to me that the officer dropped his Taser near Scott's dead body, so everyone would think Scott had taken his Taser.

    This officer wasn't justified in using lethal force, which is why he's going to be charged with murder.


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cludwig says2015-04-08T18:52:21.207
I don't know anything about this recent incident, but I worry about more violence and polarization erupting in America.