• Yes, it was justified but not for the reason given.

    If we're talking about the second Iraq War, when George W. Bush was President, then yes I believe it was justified, but not for the reason given. We were told that Iraq had WMDs and we didn't find any. Still, I think we did a lot of good in Iraq and got rid of a mass-murdering dictator.

  • The Iraqi War Unleashed forces out of our control

    Saddam Hussein was a terrible leader for Iraq, killing many of his own citizens. However, after he was toppled from power, the U.S. failed to rebuild the country after the mess they had created. They had, in a particular way, "left the pot to boil over".

    The US entered Iraq unprepared and had no reason to be there beyond humanitarian issues, and how many wars are there started by such issues. The Iraqi war unleashed monsters that still haunt us today, the most infamous of them being ISIS, as under Hussein, such groups were not tolerated. However, his fall allowed groups like ISIS to gain influence, and now today lives continue to be lost over the mistakes of one American President.

  • The war in Iraq was not justified.

    The War in Iraq was not justified. Presidents should proceed with caution when
    declaring war on a foreign country. War
    is hell and nobody wins. A lot of
    soldiers died in the War in Iraq and they could have been spared. There was no legitimate reason to invade that

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