• doing too much to intervene!

    The US needs to stop butting into foreign conflicts. There is no need for the US to intervene in Syria at the current time. There seems to be a desperate urge for the US to jump into action every time a foreign country has a conflict and this can only rush us towards another world war.

  • Yes, the United States is cooperating with Russia to persue diplomacy.

    Yes, the United States is doing enough to intervene in Syria's conflict. The US is cooperating with Russia to persuade Assad to give up the use of chemical weapons. Persuit of diplomatic resolution is favorable over a military option which would likely be open-ended and draining, comparable to Afganistan and Iraq. A military option would also likely cause additional regional destabilization and violence.

  • Yes, I believe we are doing enough

    What is going on in Syria is extremely frightening and disturbing but I don't believe we should take any military action. The country is full of unrest and unless we were to seize control of the entire area I can't see our armed forces helping to achieve peace. If anything I think our presence would create more chaos. Aid organizations from around the world should be reaching out to help civilians

  • Yes, the United States is doing enough with regard to the war in Syria.

    The United States is doing more than enough to intervene in the war in Syria. The United States has plenty of issues at home, and cannot be responsible for intervening in every world issue. The United States should make more progress solving its own problems before trying to solve the problems of the rest of the world.

  • America has been in enough wars.

    Unless one of our major allies is in serious trouble, we should just not intervene. Whenever a country gets attacked, people ask the US to help. But after we are done helping, we get a bad name. America should practice its original "don't get involved with europe" tactics. Which really means don't get too entangles in the world, it will eventually hurt you. Just let the problem sort itself out for now. Wait and see.

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