• War is not always wrong

    Countless battles have been fought for me, you, and others to be able to sit here and write a debate for if war is good or right. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave for a reason. People are right, war is usually brought up over territory or power. However what would happen if people just sit back and let that happen. Ill tell you, you would not be able to do anything or buy anything or go anywhere as you can now, as you would not have the freedom so many people fought for, to give that feeling of security to you. I dont know how people can say that war is absolutely wrong because you need to stand your ground, and sometimes fight for what you believe in. Meaning sometimes it is necessary for war simple as that.

  • War is Wrong

    War is not right in any way. People kill each other just because of senseless reasons like wanting more power or land. If you really want something, violence is not the way to achieve. You must work hard to earn it. War is just a reason to hate one anther and release mankind's anger, fear, sorrow, hatred, envy, and other negative feelings.

  • Killing is not ethical.

    This should be a no brainer that any form of killing is not right or ethical. Any disagreement should be able to be debated ( like this ) and a logical/ reasonable/ ethical compromise reached. War is a way for large groups of stubborn and primitive peple to settle an argument and this is under no circumstance right/ethical/or good

  • War is unethical and not good/right however certain battles are justifiable

    A long extensive war is not justifiable in any circumstances. We can look at the war on Iraq where we attempted to implement a democratic based government on a fractured geographical location, Iraq. That cost us trillions of dollars and a lot of lives. World war too was a right war to fight however it wasn't good... Millions of lives were lost and tragedies were high.

    Battles howevr can be justifiable.

    There ae battles that are mentioned in the bible and justifiable because first of all the purpose was for religion and god approved/acted on these battles.

    1. Jericho

    2. The Philistines Capture the Ark of Covenant

    3.David Saves the City of Ziklag

    and many others.

    These battles were ethical/right/good and approved by our creator.

    Furthermore battles in general cost less recourses and human lives. They also end faster.

    Therefore wars are not justifiable but a battle here and there can be good/right/ethical biblical or not.

  • War is wrong

    I understand why people feel the need to go to war and what they are trying to accomplish but killing masses of innocent people who are not involved in the matter is wrong. People have the right to their lives and killing them is wrong not matter what the purpose is.

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