• It keeps it alive in our minds

    It keeps it alive in our minds this is the main part of this opinion. Memorials can range from trees planted in the war to whole buildings and sites such as the war memorial in Canberra. All the graves for the honored soldiers that unfortunately died during the heroic time.

  • Saying that a memorial keeps a world alive is like saying a memoir keeps a person alive.

    It doesn't. If a public figure dies and writes in their will to have their memoir published, the person would not be kept alive. They would be kept in memory and they would be remembered, not kept alive. A memoir or memorial only keeps the person or war in our minds, which is not being kept "alive."

  • I agree with DebateSushii

    I agree with debate sushii they only help remember those who served and died for their country. If it keeps the war alive then where is ww1 or ww2 or the civil war? It is only a memorial for those who fought and died. So yeah debatesushii is right. OK.

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