War on Drugs: Does the War on Drugs reduce drug use?

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  • No, the war on drugs doesn't reduce drug use.

    The war on drugs hasn't done anything to reduce drug use, because drugs are just brought to this country illegally anyway. The drug dealers aren't deterred by the stiff jail sentences and all the stiff jail sentences do is put people in prison who may not even be violent offenders and who may not have even committed a large offense for unfair and unrealistic amounts of time.

  • No, it has only increased the population in our prisons.

    There are many articles and facts available on the internet to support this argument. The war on drugs has done nothing to curtail the drug use, in fact, the drug use has grown. The war on drugs has, however, managed to overpopulate our US prisons, and because of this, we are the leading country with the most incarcerated. We have on average, about 7-10 times as many of our citizens locked up than the average. I could list a hundred different facts here to support my view, but I will sum this up by simply asking anyone whom opposes to do their own research. The war on drugs was and still is a lost cause and we need to restructure a different approach to this.

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