War on Drugs: Is the American War on Drugs succeeding (yes) or should it be abandoned (no)?

  • Any impact is a good thing.

    Your a firefighter and arrive at a burning school house. At the rate it is burning, you have no time to save all the kids. Do you still try to save them? Seeing that the goal would be to save the kids, you would still fail at this goal because some kids would still die. Even if we fail a goal, any innocent life we save should be considered a victory. To give up on a battle to save kids would be the only true loss.
    You forget that all people who die or suffer from drugs once where kids, most of them are offered, and start doing drugs when they are kids. To give up would be to stand aside while innocent children are put on the road to drug abuse.

  • The war on drugs is a success.

    The war on drugs is not money thrown away. We are doing it to help the citizens of our nation, especially the youth. It is banned for a reason. If we legalize drugs, than we as a nation will become worse. A nation is a sum of its parts. If its parts are rotted than the nation will also.

  • Yes, the war on drugs must be kept up, though it's not altogether successful.

    The war on drugs is not necessarily successful, but it must be kept up. Making all illegal drugs legal would cause a lot of problems and crime. Making something legal does not decrease problems. It can increase them. The Economist just had an article, for example, on how alcohol is so readily available and inexpensive now, that problems regarding it are going up. Now some countries are trying to figure out ways to reduce alcohol-related issues, such as charging taxes on it. Making drugs legal and more readily available does not decrease problems, as some may think. It increases them. So while the war on drugs is not necessarily working completely well, it's at least keeping some things within checks and balances.

  • War on drugs is a success.

    The war on drugs is a success. It should never be abandoned. To do so, is to give up on our children and their future. We need to continue to teach our children about the negative consequences drugs can have on their lives. We also need to continue fighting the drugs being brought into this country.

  • The war on drugs on failing but that does not mean we need to give up on it!

    Okay.. The war on drug has been improving but it has not done a whole lot. But that does not we need to abandon it, do you want you children to pick up drugs and be like " k guys lets go get high and run around on the highway!" no no one wants that!

  • No. It is an absolute failure and waste of money.

    Currently in the united states the war on drugs has been a complete disaster. I will outline a few key points as to why so and then a solution to the problem.

    I. The War On Drugs costs the taxpayer at least 15 billion dollars with very limited payback.
    -Drug use has increased or stayed the same since the implementation of the war on drugs
    -This expense is unnecessary addition in an already debt-ridden situation in the US
    -Prohibition does NOT work, and it never has

    II. The prison population is overpopulated with inmates who have done nothing to harm others and committed no violent crimes. 80% of drug arrests are on possession alone, targeting minorities greatly.
    -This prison population is yet another addition to the US deficit that we cannot afford.
    -Violent crime cases are being neglected in many cases due to a focus on drug use
    -Drug addiction should be treated as an illness not a crime (See solution)

    III. The Assumptions that the "war" is based on itself are awfully misled.
    -Marijuana is not a bad substance, it honestly is not. In comparison with Alcohol and Tobacco, soft drugs like Marijuana, LSD, DMT and even MDMA are not dangerous.
    -When the war came about there were a lot of misled presumptions and myths about the drugs that were made illegal and these have been disproved in many cases by modern science.


    Legalize Marijuana and other 'soft' drugs (this is up for debate as to which) and tax (reducing deficit), regulate it highly. Decriminalize all drug use, and emphasize stopping use by minors and stopping organized crime (drug dealings etc.), adopt a model similar to Portugal of treating addiction as illness instead of locking someone in prison. Refocus police efforts on stopping use by minors, violent crimes and other crimes.

  • The war on Drugs is a greater evil then drugs themselves.

    1) It creates a black market with which criminal organizations can profit from.
    2) Since the war on drugs has started, the use of drugs has increased which proves that the policies do not prevent its use.
    3) It gives police officers the right to violate your 4th amendment rights
    4) Our nation spends 51 billion dollars a year on the war on drugs.
    5) no knock warrants which are a direct effect of the drug war endanger the lives of police officers as well as innocent citizens due to the fact that they raid the wrong house from time to time.
    6) you cannot legislate morality
    7) when you do something over and over again and get the same bad result isn't it common sense that you try something different.
    8) It criminalizes the victims of drug use instead of helping them
    9) Black markets are not regulated which means unsafe drugs which causes deaths

    Can we not agree that there is a better way to deal with the drug problem in america. I'm not saying we should start selling heroin at the corner store but what we are doing has been a complete and utter failure and has sprung up problems of its own.

  • The war on drugs is a war on freedom

    Slavery was never really abolished. Right now there are an astonishing number of people locked up on drug related charges. They work inside the privatized prisons for .23 cents an hour. This profit goes to the owner of the prison. Business is good so he wants to open up another. Of course he'll need more workers, so he gives some kickbacks to a local judge or fund the lobbyist to crack down harder on drugs.
    Over 50 percent of prisoners are in on drug related charges. 1/8 of these for weed. Guilty of putting a chemical in their own body. Infringing on no one's rights but instead the morality of others. Modern day slavery is carried on in a thin veil doing the right thing. Education is the best way combat this.
    Legalize all drugs, tax them and put all of that money into education and rehab. Portugal has done this for over a decade and drug use has gone down. Allow adults the freedom to decide what or what not to put into their OWN bodies and free the slaves.

  • It Should Stop

    The war on drugs is a waste of money, time, and resources that could be spent elsewhere. It does not limit drug use, as is shown in places like the Netherlands, where mushrooms and weed are legal. They have lower use rates than here and you cant be thrown into jail there for it. One if the major leaders there said "we have successfully made drug use boring", It is true.

  • Waste of time, effort, and tax dollars.

    Not to mention the fact that over half the current prison population is locked away for not violent crimes, most of which are drug-related charges. It has been proven that alcohol is more dangerous than most illegal street drugs, why not just treat drug addicts how we treat alcoholics, instead of treating them like criminals?

  • Please make an anti- marijuana comment...

    Please make an anti- marijuana comment... Then replace marijuana with cars....

    We dont want underage children using cars

    Cars are dangerous to the user, as well as those around the user

    Cars put various toxins and pollutants into the air as well as peoples lungs

    Cars kill X number of people each year

    There is no need for recreational car use, people should have a documented reason they need to drive a car

    Car manufacturers are not concerned with the well being of those who use them.

    Cars are often stolen, and violence often occurs as a result, gangs use the sales of stripped down parts of stolen cars to fund their operations

    Cars are a gateway to driving 18 wheelers

    do I need to go on? Just for fun replace the word car with "Gun". How about everybody stops trying to take away other peoples freedom?

  • Anyone that thinks the war on drugs is successful simply doesn't have all the facts.

    This issue is a no-brainer. The foundation for the war on drugs is fear and ignorance. Those that think "any impact is a good thing" are missing all the unintended consequences. We lock up more people than any other country on the planet. We stigmatize and criminalize drug users, labeling them immoral and lacking will power. This drives behavior underground, artificially raising prices, making people keep secrets from their families, preventing people from seeking treatment, making drugs more dangerous, enabling easier access for children, providing profits for criminal groups such as gangs, organized crime, and terrorists, and limiting people's access to essential medicines. That list doesn't even include the tremendous amount of problems caused abroad in producer countries.

    Non-violent people are stuck with felonie(s) on their records adversely impacting their chances of finding a job. This results in children growing up without a parent, making them more likely to turn to drugs, thus perpetuating this disastrous cycle. This war causes drug seeking behavior that turns criminal due to highly inflated black market prices that rob people of their income. It rips families apart and ruins countless lives daily.

    Human beings have always used drugs and will continue to use drugs until the end of humanity's existence on earth. How about we give up this punitive war and finally start being smart on drugs instead of tough on drugs? Let's approach the issue, finally, with proper drug education and safe and effective regulation that will actually enable us to more easily keep drugs out of the hands of children!

    The war on drugs takes drug education and enforcement out of the hands of parents and puts it in the hands of schools and the police. Although well intentioned, this has been a terrible mistake. The DARE program has had relatively zero success. Police forces have become militarized, and the government has encroached on our privacy rights in order to enforce unenforceable laws. Furthermore, the DEA schedules drugs with no basis in science whatsoever. All of the above have led to higher drug usage rates among students, higher incarceration rates, and lower employment rates. Children and teenagers no longer trust the government when it talks about drugs because they quickly figure out that they've been lied to about marijuana.

    Most importantly, we must stop pretending that we can protect people from themselves. A responsible and educated populous is the best path to sensible policy and is therefore the best path to success. Just say no doesn't work because it doesn't teach anything. When people are educated on both sides of the issue they are able to make decisions for themselves. To implement government policy that attempts to protect people from something that A. Causes no harm in-and-of-itself, and B. Is not universally considered immoral, is a severe injustice.

    It pains me to see all of the people who responded yes to this debate. Not only are they clearly uninformed, but their responses also tended to be less intelligent overall.

  • I own my own body, the states government does not.

    I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body! If you have a problem with that lock me up for the meth I'm shooting up right now. I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body! I own my own body!

  • It does not work.

    All the war on drugs has done in the U.S. is push drugs into the black market. The best approach would be to decriminalize but heavily regulate hard drugs (huge sin tax) and to decriminalize soft drugs (what drugs count is up for debate) while still adding an excise tax to them, helping to raise the tax money our government wasted on the War on Drugs.

  • Pot doesn't kill people. God gave the gift of all herbs.

    Ok, so the whole verse is 'And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.' Gen. 1:29
    So, if God gave us marijuana why should the government be able to take what God gave? Leave adults who choose to use marijuana alone.

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