War on Drugs: Is the term "War on Drugs" appropriate?

  • Yes, it is appropriate.

    The term war on drugs seems appropriate because it is a long battle that results in many casualties. We will never be able to regulate all drugs and prevent others from abusing them, but we can do our best to prevent drug dealers from causing further harm. That is why it is a war, it lasts long, and is never really finished.

  • Yes the term War on Drugs is appropriate!

    It is a war... It is a battle over the safety of our streets and the lives of our children and loved ones. I could not think of a more appropriate term to use. Drug dealers do not care they just want to make as much money selling as much poison as possible. They do not care that they may be killing a father, a brother, a mother or a child. It is a war , we need to take back our streets and make them safe for future generations.

  • Its more of a standoff

    The government will never be able to remove all drugs as alot of them are naturally growing such as shrooms and cannabis plants. It should be the users decision whether they wish to take them or not, not the government. The key is education and regulation, not just banning them as that clearly doesn't work.

    I would also like to argue someone else's point "drug dealers do not care", most of the ones I know are really honest and nice people, have jobs and pay taxes, they just choose to grow some plants in there garden and sell off in bulk a percentage of what they arent keeping back for themselves and friends. You could argue that supermarkets that sell alcohol don't care how much you drink they just want your money.

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