War on Drugs: Is the War on Drugs good for health/disease?

  • The War on Drugs is a good thing.

    The War on Drugs is necessary for the well being of our country. Improper use of drugs is harmful to the health of our society. Illegal drug use cause additional health and addiction problems. A high drug tolerance can harm a person when they really need legal drugs at a later date. The drug trafficking needs to be stopped.

  • No, We Are Misdirecting Our Efforts

    There are many ways to fight a war, and the United States is
    fighting this one the wrong way. When we blame other countries for the
    drug marketplace created by our own addicts, we are fighting on the wrong front.
    When we convict young people of minor drug crimes and throw them in jail for
    long sentences, we are mistaking casualties for enemy combatants. Rehab must be
    available to the poor as well as the rich and famous. We will never win the
    drug war until we counter the social conditions that foster drug use right here
    at home.

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