War on Terrorism: Is the War on Terror a good idea and justified?

  • I just really want to even out the vote

    You have to realize that when 9/11 happened it took congress like six days to help us which really sucked because people were killed so basically America just really needed to shape up their game ya know? Just some really confusing stuff ya know what I mean or not really?

  • It was a good thing

    We killed some people and made some moneyh so we won in the end. I guess you could say that we frrred the crap out of that oil, and in the end america was the winner so that is all that maters. I just wanted to even the votes out so yeah

  • The war on terrorism is a justifiable act. It can in fact be considered necessary.

    Terrorism is defined as the use of terror or threats as a means to achieving political goals. Terrorists resort to violent means such as killing and bombing to governments and leaders to comply to their needs. For instance, in the case of al-Qaeda's attack on 9/11, the terrorist organisation did so in order to get the world to acknowledge it -- in line with its aim of the creation of a Muslim caliphate. While the aim itself may be justifiable from particular religious interpretations, the violent means used cannot be ignored. Billions of dollars are lost, countries' security is threatened and most importantly, innocent civilians' lives are lost. No matter what the aim is, a civilian life lost is a life too many. To say that terrorism should not be fought against is nothing short of simplistic and naive. Ignoring terrorism will not make it go away. Imagine a bear breaking into your house. You would not just ignore it and hope it would not attack you. Terrorism needs to be fought, and the war on it is definitely justified.

  • Justifying the War on Terrorism

    The war on terror is important insofar as terrorism is the end result of a belief system gone array. No country, no group, has the right to inflict harm on innocent individuals to prove their point. Everyone has the right to believe as they wish, but no one has the right to terrorize individuals who do not hold t same beliefs. If it were true that one's beliefs allow for hostilities toward others, then Nuremberg never would have happened.

  • Terrorism will never end

    Plus, they are only fighting against Islamic terrorists. There are ecoterrorists but there is no "War on the Environment". They are just invading Islamic countries for no good reason. It is stereotypes. This is just Islamophobia. Blaming the Islamic countries just for something that other Muslims did to their buildings. Seriously!

  • It is a war that is impossible to win.

    This war was doomed from day one: no real goals of this war, we pissed off locals who's homes we were bombing, we lost a lot of international support, we don't know where our enemy is, and we spent way too much money on it! We also made it worse, ISIS, that was our fault. Too much bad, little to no good came of it.

  • No. The War on Terror will never end.

    No. The War on Terror is simply justification to burn up Trillions of dollars every year. The War on Terror's investment could have been better justified as an investment into intelligence on terrorist organizations. The issue with the physical War on Terror is that it will never have an end in sight since once a high ranking terrorist is taken out of power, a new one emerges. This is how it will always be.

  • Of Course Not

    You cannot truly defeat terrorists. Terrorism is a war tactic, not an enemy. Everyone knows that you cannot defeat a war tactic, it is impossible. I'd hate to say this, because it empowers the terrorists, but terrorism will NEVER end. We thought we ended it by defeating Al Queda, but now look what happened. We have a new enemy now: ISIS. I'm fine with the air strikes, but six months is it. No more than that. After the strikes, we should consider ending the war.

  • Two wrongs dont make a right

    By killing the innocent people in Iran and Afghanistan you are just doing to them what they did to you your bringing the same hurt you felt to people who werent involved in 9/11 or any attacks just because they live in a country where people like that exist does not mean they are like those people. Just because Nikolas Cruz lived in America does not make all Americans terrorists, not everyone has the same veiws, but no one in their right mind should be able to justify the thought of killing innocent people

  • Violence isnt going away

    War is not justified and around the world thousands of people and more are loosing their homes and lives. There will always be conflict, always, that wont change. America wastes millions of dollars on weapons and bombs when we could be buying other things and helping the world. Either way war is not good and its taking a toll on our society.

  • You Can't Fight a Weapon

    There's no point in the war on terror, because terrorism isn't a concrete enemy. Try fighting a weapon. Fight against AK-47s. It won't work, because anyone could pick up an AK and fire it, and anyone could make one. You can't fight a weapon. You can fight people, but that's gotten us nowhere.

  • Cost of 6 trillion dollars

    The war has cost the us 6 trillion dollars, which is extremely much and it could be spend on other stuff such as education and enviromental development. Also there's been tens of thousands civilian casualties. The war crimes caused has also killed a lot of innocent people and the kill rate of terrorist is 1 terrorist for every 50 civilians of the drone strikes.

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