• Yes, to a certain extent

    Technically, no nation has the right to call another their own as that is a breach of sovereignty. However, there are certain circumstances that do allow nations to control others without violating UN law. Ukraine is one of the 15 states to be granted independence after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. It is clear that many of these states are subject to political and economic instability and have trouble maintaining order. To counter the instability, Russia created the Collective Security Treaty Organization, or CSTO, in order to provide protection and aid to several of these post-Soviet states; those states being Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan.

    Ukraine before the unrest was one of the few post-Soviet states that have managed to be more successful than the others. Thus, it is clear that Ukraine desires independence, but this may not be the best course of action for them. Democratically, the regions of Crimea and Eastern Ukraine have voted and the majority solution was to separate from Ukraine and join Russia. Evidently, it appears that large numbers of former Soviets desire a so-called "reunion" with Russia.

    While some might think this means the return of Communism, this is not necessarily so. Soviet nostalgia isn't "communist nostalgia" and mainly exists because people feel that under the Union they were stronger as a whole. Some people look back and see the Soviet Union as the "glory days" of power and something to be proud of. Evidence of this clearly emits in the recent Ukraine crisis and the South Ossetia War.

    To a certain degree, people in most post-Soviet states do desire a union with Russia. The exceptions mainly being the Baltic States as the Soviets unlawfully annexed them. Ukraine, like all of these post-Soviet states, deserves the right to make its own choices. There is no evidence that Ukraine will benefit from being annexed by Russia, especially since the Soviets were only an economic powerhouse for a few years. Most likely Ukraine will not be annexed by Russia, but this does not stop certain parts of Ukraine from democratically joining the country.

    Russia is not necessarily "bad" for wanting to secure their interests in Ukraine. Saying that Russia's justification for intervention is lawful could be plausible as cultural union has been used as a war justification in the past; think France, Great Britain, Prussia, the Empire of Brazil, the United States of Central America, China, Japan, and many others that have formed the nations we see today.

    Overall, the people of Ukraine should make its own choice whether or not they wish to join Russia again. I personally feel that it may be more beneficial for them as Russia is economically and militarily growing since the fall of the Soviet Union. One can think of protectorates when it comes to the Russian "reunion" as Russia can certainly help other nations should they join he country again. Why can't Russia act like the US and ensure peace and prosperity; it's not a communist country.

  • Ukraine should be a free Country

    It is not right to walk into another country and take it over just because you want to. Ukraine didn't do anything to Russia so why did Russia attack it that's not fair. If you Ukraine wanted to join Russia they should have their own right to vote on it . The Russians to stop expanding because are already the biggest country in the world. This is why I thinking Ukraine should be a free country.

  • Ultimate reason is democracy

    I think now a days the countries that are engaged in war is a matter of either despotism of the head of their country or people feel that they are being exploited. The was of Ukraine started because it is a matter of "Capitalism" against "Communism."
    I believe if Ukraine goes under the Russian rule they will be covered by a communism rule which is not acceptable now a days by a lot of nations.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Ukraine should not be under Russian rule. While Russia may need a few port cities to protect their own country within Ukraine this does not mean they should simply take over and keep control. Ukraine was created as a separate nation and it should remain separate as long as there are people that do not want to be involved with Russia contained within it.

  • We already decided that.

    No, Ukraine should not be under Russian rule, because we settled this at the end of the Soviet Union. We cannot go back on what we agreed to at that time, or agreements will not have any meaning in the future. Russia wants to be a bully. Ukraine deserves to be independent.

  • Let Ukrainians Decide

    Russia has seen a weak spot and stepped forward to try and claim something that isn't theirs. Ukraine is unstable at the moment, but handing the rule over to another nation is not the solution. The people of the country should be allowed to decide in a democratic way whether they would like to remain independent. Simply allowing Russia to take control would lead to more problems and instability in the future.

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