• War thunder is real

    War thunder is 100% real, 100% Emotion, 100% adictive
    World Of Tank Stick is ilogical, Boring
    I prefere war thunder, No more irealism of wold of tanks.
    The person who says that war thunder is bad game is because he does not know how to play it, . Why I say that if they have a radar like you could not detect a tank,

  • War thunder mas emocionante

    Hay mas emoción en el juego, Importa mucho tu habilidad, Hay muchos que dicen que wot se necesita la habilidad eso es mentira, Wot te destruyen muchas veces sin lógica un tier de menos categoría que el tuyo y la invisibilidad es ilógica si tienes radar como no podrias detectarlo? WT solo necesitas observar bien y encontraras tus enemigos. 1000 veces mejor y adictivo wot aburre muchas veces lo juego menos desde que descubrí WT.

  • War Thunder is a lot better

    War Thunder is a lot better than World of Tanks, and I know this by experience. War Thunder is a million times more realistic than World of tanks, and overall, looks the best. Even though World of Tanks IS more popular, War Thunder fans generally remain loyal and have been playing it for years.

  • War thunder is better

    War thunder has planes along with tanks. World of Tanks has only tanks. War thunder is more addicting, and it is way more popular than World of Tanks. World of Tanks s confusing and there is a lot of stuff to look at. War thunder is eaiser to learn than wot.

  • WoT is so much better

    WoT has way more variety. Also, If you want planes, Just install World of Warplanes. I personally grew up on WoT. I am sick of people bragging about WarThunder. Game Theory even commented how War thunder was "bragging" about their game. It is just a game and I don't see why people get so emotionally attached to War Thunder.

  • 2 completely different games

    Both of these games are very different. If you are here to pick which one to play i can help you out. WT is much more realistic. The goal of wt is for it to feel like REAL life. Then we have WOT. In my opinion it is much better. Wot is an arcade. It is nothing like WT. BUT in my opinion it requires much more skill. It is more of a thinking game while WT is just trying to be realistic. I vote for wot. Its MUCH more enjoyable and requires more skill.

  • World of Tanks

    World of Tanks I believe is a a better game. One point could be that World of Tanks clearly came out first.
    (RU servers:2010/NA:2011)When reaching popularity War Thunder came out. You may say that WoT is unrealistic because of the shooting mechanic and other things. 1. It is a game XD 2. You play as a tank commander basically. Think about it. When shooting your gunner shoots. Not you. A tank is not a one man team. World of Tanks could be called "hard". Well surprise it is rated T. It was made for more mature people, in real life and as a gamer. T is a not a suggestion. Kids are the ones that call it hard and give up. Adults embrace it and win at it. "What about Airplanes!? They would shoot at tanks too!" you may say. Surprise there was all tank battles. Don't get me wrong, War Thunder gamer, i am not on this to dis your game. I just want War Thunder's kids to stop bragging there game is better, it is quite annoying.

  • World of Tanks is better in some ways but worse in others. Its all a matter of what you like.

    World of Tanks i more popular and definitely looks better, but the battles are not nearly as realistic as War Thunder. War Thunder is easier to learn, while World of Tanks requires fairly large knowledge to perform proficiently at. War Thunder is for those looking for authenticity and ease, while World of Tanks is for people who are more into freestyle fun at a higher skill level. I personally prefer World of Tanks.

  • World of tanks is better 100%

    War thunder may have planes and tanks but that doesn't make it better. World of tanks is more popular NOT war thunder. World of tanks has more tanks and looks better. War thunder has bad physics and world of tanks is my childhood, and takes more SKILL too actually get some where.

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