Warrantless search and seizure: Were the Iowa state troopers taking a gamble?

  • Yes, they were.

    This search and sierzure should be thrown out because there was no warrant. The officers were being reckless and taking a risk because they thought they had probable cause and they thought they would never caught. But police corruption has become a problem and this needs to stop and people did notice.

  • The Fourth Amendment Exists

    The fourth amendment was passed in 1789 to protect citizens from unlawful government intrusion of people, business, homes and effects. A judge must give written consent after seeing proof of unlawful activities in that location. Without the consent the state would be violating protected rights. Thus, opening the state up to law suits and civil charges.

  • Yes, under provisions stated this is not allowed.

    We all know how the laws can bend, fold and otherwise get lost through the indiscriminate behaviors of officers in all facets of enforcement. However, if one were to take a stance, purely on the written words given as a direction of warrantless action by officers, search and seizure is not included. The human can be arrested but no seizure so the officers are risking how the law will be interrupted regarding their actions.

  • They should follow the law.

    Law enforcement today knows that they have no accountability. They know that the courts will always take their side. They think they can just go through anyone's things without a warrant. The Iowa State Troopers decided that they wanted to learn the hard way that laws still apply in the United States.

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