Warrantless wiretapping in the United States: Does the NSA program comply with civil liberties under the constitution?

  • The NSA program complies with civil liberties under the constitution.

    In the 21st century, it is clear that the constitution has become outdated. The framers of the constitution could not have anticipated the modern world with its technology and the problem of terrorism. The NSA should be allowed to use technology in order to prevent terrorist attacks if this will save American lives.

  • Yes, the NSA program complies with civil liberties under the constition.

    Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. Therefore the telephone was invented approximately 100 years after the constitution was made. Using simple logic based on this information would lead you to conclude that the constitution does not exempt you from wiretapping. This means the NSA program is not affecting your civil liberties.

  • No, it is being underhanded.

    Freedom is a shaky thing to hold on to, and while there may be government intervention needed to make sure terrorists are watched, the population is losing many of its civil liberties with this NSA spying on the people. They should be informed as to how and why and when it is going on.

  • NSA Programs Defeat Civil Liberties

    Unfortunately, the warantless wiretapping programs by the NSA destroy the civil liberties given to citizens by the Constitution. Such wiretapping is highly illegal, and Americans shouldn't accept the legitimacy of these programs. The government hasn't even shown us proof that such progams have resulted in the foiling of any terrorist plots.

  • No, it violates civil liberties.

    No, the NSA program does not comply with civil liberties under the constitution, because there are no checks and balances in the NSA program. The constitution is designed to make sure that other branches of government check what each branch is doing. Under warrantless wiretapping, there is no check on what the executive branch is doing. It goes too far and offends our civil liberties.

  • It's illegal from any angle you look at it.

    The NSA program does not comply with civil liberties under the Constitution. The program is blatantly unconstitutional and illegal, and should be shut down immediately. However, our Congress and courts lack the will to actually confront the problem. All we can do is console each other over the loss of our Constitutional rights, once again.

  • The NSA should follow due process of law

    The NSA has, and is currently violating the civil liberties of the American people. Our country was founded on the principals of giving people the benefit of the doubt, that they are innocent until proven guilty. Throwing a wide net, and recording phone conversations, and every other bit of information that passes through a computer, without a judge's approval for every specific case, is a gross example of government overreach. The spy state, has been growing every year since the start of the cold war. It's not any one person, or administration's fault. It's always under the guise of national security, taking right away a few at a time.

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