Warrantless wiretapping in the United States: Has the NSA program improved national security?

  • The NSA program has improved national security.

    The NSA spy program has prevented numerous terrorists from planning attacks on innocent civilians. National security sometimes comes a the price of fewer civil liberties. Terrorists use sophisticated technology, so law enforcement has to develop even more intelligent ways to stop them. The NSA is doing good work to protect the country.

  • No, they haven't stopped anything.

    No, the NSA program for warrantless wiretapping has not improved national security, because it has not prevented any terrorist attacks. If it had, the NSA would brag about it for public relations purposes. They did not even stop the bombings at the Boston Marathon. The NSA program does little, but allow NSA employees to snoop on their neighbors.

  • NSA Program Doesn't Improve National Security

    Since the National Security Agency refuses to releaes proof, it's safe to assume that the NSA's programs haven't actually improved national security. Rather than protecting Americans, these progams are spying on Americans that are completely innocent. Such programs need to be abolished immediately and replaced with something that doesn't break our rights.

  • Didn't Stop Boston Marathon Bombers

    The NSA program hasn't improved national security--it didn't stop the Boston Marathon Bombings whatsoever. Ben Franklin said, "Those who give up freedom in the name of security deserve neither." Americans don't deserve to be free. The Founding Fathers would be turning over in their graves right now if they knew Americans were putting up with the NSA's antics. Edward Snowden is a national hero and patriot, right alongside Jefferson, Washington and Revere.

  • The NSA program has not improved national security by warrantless wiretapping.

    The NSA program has not improved national security by warrantless wiretapping. They should be required to have a warrant before they are allowed to do this. Any evidence that they gather from this illegal activity should not be allowed in the courtrooms. I think this should be thrown out of the courtroom.

  • The NSA has not quantifiably improved security.

    I can see how you could argue that the NSA has improved national security, but the data shows that they have not actually altered or stopped any pending attacks. If they had fruits to show for their labor then I could get behind what they are doing. They don't, so I can't.

  • The NSA has wasted billions screaming about security

    When was the last time you heard a report about the NSA being the pivotal agency that brought down a person or group that meant to us harm? I know I haven't seen that headline. It seems like another government money pit we are throwing money at to make us all feel safe. I know I don't feel any safer today that I know all of the emails in the country are being recorded. I feel much less secure knowing that now my own government is always watching me.

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