Warrantless wiretapping in the United States: Is FISA inadequate for the current national security needs?

  • FISA not enough

    The FISA court is not enough for our current national security needs. We have no idea who these people on the FISA court are. They are appointed by John Roberts and are not elected by anyone. They are not held responsible and they are not subject to the public. It's wrong.

  • FISA is inadequate for the current national security needs.

    FISA is inadequate for the current national security needs. I do not think they should be allowed to conduct wiretapping without a warrant. Anything that is discovered should not be allowed to be used in the court of law. I think many of the agencies are overstepping their bounds and spying on the American public.

  • It is inafequate.

    FISA is completely inadequate for the current nation security needs. FISA, which was passed back in the 1970s, does not help protect the American people from the NSA and warrantless wiretapping. FISA could not take into account all of the new technology that we have now and needs to be removed or revised.

  • NSA Does What It Wants

    Recent NSA scandals regarding electronic monitoring reveal the spy agency has no need for laws to control its own behavior. The original FISA law, passed in the 1970s, didn't take into account such things as email, cell phones, iPads, etc., even though the law was amended and re-upped several times since. FISA is woefully inadequate--not because of the nation's security needs--but because the NSA does whatever the heck it wants to regardless of civil liberties in the United States.

  • FISA is doing its job, the news casters make it worse than it is

    FISA, the NSA, and everyone are doing their job just as they should. Some liberties are lost, but that is what happens with terrorism. Why did terrorism happen is a complex question, but we must deal with it by having the Patriot Act, a strong NSA, and a strong FISA.

  • No, it is smoke and mirrors.

    No, FISA is not inadequate for current national security needs, because we already have strong national security. Some types of terrorist attacks are very hard to prevent. What we have in place does not seem to do a good job stopping terrorism. It seems to do a better job harassing the American people. But FISA is not inadequate for our needs.

  • No it should not be

    Maybe FISA is adequate for what we may need to help keep America safer. It is an act that allows the government to spy on any one whom ever they deem a threat to the US and its citizens which is understandable considering how much we went through after 9/11.

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