Was $1.3 million too much of an award for the female construction worker who claimed she was harrassed?

  • Definitely way to much......

    More than one million dollars on a sexual harrasment claim is a little bit to much, but then again depending on what was said maybe it was not enough to make the woman feel like her back breaking job just was not worth it any longer, so she attempted shutting them down by taking their money. Classic

  • Way too much

    I do think that harassment is absolutely terrible but 1.3 is way too much. I also wanted to point out that she claimed she was harassed and not entirely proven. At MAXIMUM MAYBE ( emphasis on maybe )
    100,000 if it was total proven and not just verbal harassment. I need one more word

  • $1.3 million is too much of an award for the female construction worker who claimed she was harrassed

    Jury awards have reached ridiculous levels. Cases like this are absolute proof that a "loser pays" system is not only needed, but required. It is too easy for juries to rely on insurance companies to bear the burden of awards. What most fail to understand is when that happens, we as insurance consumers, pay the cost. There is no free lunch.

  • Harassment is never OK, but more than $1 million is pretty ridiculous

    It is not OK for people to objectify women and make them feel uncomfortable, but asking for more than $1 million in a harassment claim is pretty steep. Many of us, both genders, deal with bullying and harassment every day, but we don't get to charge an insane amount of money to rectify the problem. Maybe if we did make people pay lots of money for harassment, those scenarios would be fewer and farther between.

  • No, it wasn't too much.

    I do not think the amount the female construction worker has been awarded is too much, in fact any amount is not sufficient enough to bring back her loss she has suffered. The way she was harassed was so inhuman and demeaning. The aftermath of this incident has left her shattered mentally, she constantly remains under stress and has bipolarity. Money is such an vague thing to return back her self esteem which she lost. Those animals should be tortured physically and mentally for life for these kind of low acts.

  • Nope, not too much.

    If they're guilty, I don't think it was too much to pay her, especially when you consider that she is going to have a heck of a time getting hired by another crew. It's hard enough being hired as a woman. Once you sue an employer, and especially if you win, you'd best just plan on becoming self-employed or retiring...

  • Meager $1.3 Million Awarded for Harassment Case

    Only $1.3 million was awarded to a female construction worker over harassment? She should have received ten times that amount. Enduring this type of treatment on a daily basis is demeaning and has driven many people to suicide. Just as a behavioral lesson, the guilty party should have been punished to its maximum extent, bled for every penny to its name, to get the point across that harassment in the workplace is unacceptable.

  • Not Nearly Enough

    In all sectors, women face an onslaught on discrimination and harassment in the workplace. This is only exacerbated in male-dominated fields like construction. When a woman is harassed in a setting where she can reasonably feel to be protected, she deserves restitution of a reasonable degree. I don't think that $1.3 million is at all excessive, especially depending on the type of harassment endured.

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