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    "1984-The Best Year in Cinema EVER! "
    by TomConnors | Public

    I've thought long and hard about it. Denied it, And several other steps. Scoured the years of films and which ones stuck with me, And ones that most people know, And for some reason, The better part of the 80's just had some of the best and longest lasting movies that have become a part of pop-culture and the lives of many. Part of it may have been because Home Video was becoming the latest craze, But it still can't be argued that throughout the 70's and most of the 80's the movie studios released less than 150-200 titles per year (In 2009 the average was over 600) and each of those films grossing around 10 million on average in that nearly 20 year span compared to the overblown market now. The year 1984 in particular stands out as a year that was so full of movies that are memorable and most people have seen. I haven't even seen all of the films on this list yet, But am aware of them, And hope to see the few I haven't or have not in so long. It's so hard to believe that in a time when less than 200 movies were released on average per year, This many movies managed to not only turn an average profit at the box office of about 15-20 million dollars (Not counting the huge numbers that pulled in close to or over 100 million on their own at a time when the average budget was 5-10 million). Here is a list of the ones that stick out, 60 movies in a year that only 181 were released, Right down to the lesser known at the bottom of the pile. It could have been longer, But here are the movies in a year that was so awesome to be a film lover, And have stayed with us the longest. . . "

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